Suicidal tendency among women on the rise

DHAKA, Aug 10, 2018 (BSS/UNICEF FEATURE)-Five years ago, Chadni admitted
to Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) and everything was going fine in fulfilling
her dream of becoming a doctor. She had a noble mission of providing
healthcare to underprivileged people particularly the rural community.

But, Chadni, a fifth year MBBS student hailing from Mymensingh district,
suddenly committed suicide by hanging herself in her room on August 2 last,
frustrating her fellow friends and classmates. She used to live in a mess
nearby the RMC.

Though her suicide still remained a mystery her friends said Chadni had
long been suffering from depression, which compelled the promising MBBS
student to commit suicide.

In the backdrop of a rising suicidal tendency among women in Bangladesh,
the death of Chadni is a common phenomenon. Studies reveal that 7 to 8 people
in every one lakh people commit suicide each year. And most of them are

According to experts, women in the subcontinent, including Bangladesh,
suffer from insecurity and frustration in different biological and
psychological adverse situations, which force them to commit suicide.

They said women commit suicide after facing domestic violence, torture at
their husbands’ houses for dowry and complications in their personal life.

Dr Helal Uddin Ahmed, an assistant professor of National Institute of
Mental Health & Hospital (NIMH), said male-dominated society and lack of
women empowerment also contribute to their suicide.

Citing statistic of World Health Organization (WHO), he said the scenario
of suicide is horrible in Bangladesh as data of Police Headquarters shows
that about 59,760 people committed suicide in last six years in the country.

Prof Tahmina Akhter, a teacher of Dhaka University’s Sociology
Department, said the country’s adolescent girls commit suicide since they
cannot control their emotion and cannot take negative things easily.

In most of the cases, she said, adolescent girls commit suicides due to
frustration after getting involved in love affairs.

Eve-teasing and sexual harassment and scandal also force girls to commit
suicide, Tahmina said, adding that depression, family feud, divorce and
complications in conjugal life are the other reasons behind suicide of women.

Eminent psychiatrist Dr MA Mohit Kamal said depression will take top
place in the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) by 2030 and that is why everyone
should remember that depression drives people towards committing suicide.

Noting that depression severely affects the working life of people, he
said about 3,000 people commit suicide worldwide every day while eight lakh
people a year.

Dr Helal suggested identifying the mental patients and ensuing their
treatment, removing prejudice from society, empowering women and providing
counseling to people aiming to prevent suicide among people.

Stressing the need for strengthening awareness on mental health aiming to
prevent suicides among women, Prof Tahmina said a hotline (helpline) should
be introduced to create mass awareness on mental health.

Besides, she said, if entertainment facilities for people are increased,
their suicide tendency and depression could be prevented.

WHO fears after 2020, about 15 lakh people would commit suicides a year
across the world.