BSS-28 1 lakh fish fry to be released in Halda River





1 lakh fish fry to be released in Halda River

CHATTOGRAM Oct 08, 2019 (BSS) – Hathazari upazila administration has taken initiative to release one lakh fish fry in the Halda River in phases aimed at increasing the volume of fish stock in the river.

Halda River is the country’s only natural fish breeding centre situated over Hathazari and Raozan upazila.

The fish fries are to be processed at local hatcheries from fish spawn that was collected from Halda, earlier.

As a part of this fish fry releasing program, 10,000 fish fry, each, at Sattarghat and Sarduara points of the Halda River was released today.

The remaining fries will be released in phases at other points of the river in due time, Hathazari UNO Ruhul Amin told BSS.

It is learnt that fries of carp fish were released earlier through purchase from outside but now initiative has been taken to procure the fish spawn by the upazila administration.

UNO Ruhul Amin told that spawn was released in Halda on May 25 last. Local hatchery owners procured the spawn aimed at processing in their own hatcheries. The length of fries now stands at 6 inches which was released today in two points of Halda.

Ruhul Amin said that this new initiative was taken this year by the upazila authority.

Coordinator of Chattogram University Halda river research laboratory Prof. Dr Manzurul Kibria praised the new idea of the upazila administration. He further said that following the new initiative of releasing fish fries in the Halda River will undoubtedly increase the fish stock in the river.