Govt has media’s best interest in mind: Inu


DHAKA, May 17, 2018(BSS) – Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu today said the government has the media’s best interest in mind.

The minister was speaking at the annual general meeting of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) at the National Press Club in the city.

Citing examples, the minister said the government has updated many of the laws relating to the media to help them operate freely and responsibly.

He mentioned that the 8th Wage Board award came and the 9th Wage Board was formed during the tenure of the current “Mahajote” government.

The minister said that with the advent of new technologies, the need for cyber security has become urgent.

“It is necessary to protect the privacy of individuals, particularly women and children,” he added.

He reminded the media personnel that journalism is not merely a profession but also a vow to clear society of its ills.

He recalled that in the ’60s, the media had played an important role in the transformation of society and politics. He bemoaned the lack of such commitment in contemporary times.

He asked the media not to engage in half-truths or truncated versions but to tell the full story.

Inu also described such acts as information terrorism.

The minister also appealed to the media to respond to charges of curtailment of free speech made by foreigners and said it was incumbent on journalists to respond to such criticisms.