426 LGI people get SDG localization training in Rajshahi


RAJSHAHI, July 20, 2019 (BSS)- Some 426 people of Local Government Institutions (LGIs) were imparted training on localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the district aims at disseminating its messages among the grassroots population.

“We have brought two chairmen of Mohanpur and Bagmara Upazila Parishad (UZPs), four upazila vice-chairmen including two females in women reserved seats, 30 Union Parishad (UP) Chairmen, 360 UP members including 90 females in women reserved seats and 30 UP secretaries under the training” said Parvez Raihan, deputy Director of Local Government Division.

District Administration organized the 20-day training very recently in association with Efficient and Accountable Local governance (EALG) project with technical and financial supports of United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Swiss Development Cooperation, Danida respectively to capacity development of UZP and UP.

Parvez mentioned that UZPs and UPs have pivotal role to supplement the government efforts of achieving the SDGs as those extend most of the public services to the rural people. The training can contribute to a lot towards making the service-delivery activities more effective and transparent.

In the training, the LGIs people were given ideas of inclusion SDGs issues into their annual and other work planning and implementation of those properly, he added.

EALG District Facilitator Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal said the trainees were given knowledge on how to achieve the 17 SDGs and 169 targets through inclusion of those in their annual and different terms planning.

Advocate Abdus Samad, Chairman of Mohanpur UZP, says the SDG-based planning will be very effective to improve living and livelihood development of the rural people.

LGIs are implementing various social development programmes like prevention of violence and sexual harassment against women and combating child marriage.

So, they can achieve the SDG-5 through integrated planning, said Momtaz Akter Baby, Vice-chairman of Bagmara UZP.

Shahidul Islam, Chairman of Rishikul UP under Godagari UZP, says the SDGs have similarities with the roles and responsibilities of LGIs which can complement the government efforts of attaining the SDGs by 2030 through effective and time-fitting planning.