Media should focus on national achievements: Inu


DHAKA, April 18, 2018(BSS)-Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu today called upon journalists to highlight the good along with the bad in society.

“Journalism is not all about criticism, it is also about the great achievements that the country was making,” he told a meeting with journalists at the Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) here.

He said there were a lot of other issues that demanded attention including militancy, communalism and war crimes and forces that were patronizing them.

“It is a great challenge to the polity and the media must focus on it,” he said.

Elaborating further, he said that the historical debris that the nation was carrying needed to be cleansed and the media should play a proactive role in this regard.

Other issues like globalization and regional connectivity were big issues that needed to be dwelt at length by journalists, he said.

He, once again, emphasized upholding of the four fundamental state principles and asked journalists to play a constructive role in building a national consensus about them.

“Without consensus on the core values of the nation the state would always remain unstable,” he said.

He also requested them to help uphold the nation’s self-identity properly, as no nation could progress without it.

Inu also emphasized the role of ethics in journalism and the need to uphold high moral values.

“In the ultimate analysis a work will be judged by its moral content,” he said.