Sympathy needed for disabled children


DHAKA, Nov 25, 2018 (BSS)- Although it is noon, but Anil is yet to take his breakfast as his mother did not give him food, perhaps she has forgotten as she was busy with her younger son Sunil and this happens almost every day.

No one tries to understand that Anil starves from hunger and he also wants to pass time with his mother and brother. Let not talk about his father as Anil had seen his father always remained angry because he is not like the other children, he is a physically challenged children!
But, every child is born on this earth with the right of playing active role in his or her life and in the social life. It is a matter of sorrow that unlike healthy and sound children, physically or mentally challenged children could not play such role with ease and comfort and even could not exercise their usual behavior or even get equal opportunities.

There are also people in the world to whom the rights of the children, especially of the physically or mentally challenged children is new. To most of the people, these physically or mentally challenged children are burden to their families and societies.

But, this perception is totally wrong in real life as because people from all walks of life should extend their hands of cooperation to this section of children as well as treat them like other normal children.

According to the Section 23 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is clearly stated that the physically and mentally challenged children should have to be given such complete lifestyle which would protect their dignity alongside motivating them to become self reliant and playing active role in the society.

In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the present Awami League government had also incorporated some specific sections in the Children’s Act, 2013. The government has always put priority on addressing the neuro developmental disorder of children or the problems of the children with autism.

Besides, special sections are also there in the act to protect the rights of the physically and mentally challenged children.

One of the important medium of ensuring active participation of the physically and mentally challenged children in the society is to educate them with job-oriented education alongside the general education so that these children do not have to rely on others.

Considering the necessity of job-oriented education of this section of children, various technical training centers have been set up across the country with both public and private initiative where technical education is being provided to them considering the nature of their disability.

When contacted, teacher of the clinical psychology department of the University of Dhaka Farah Diba said many guardians do not give importance on the flourish of mental capacity of the children. “But, there are various aspects of mental flourish of each individual. So, there is a need to give full attention on the complete flourish of children after their birth,”

Professor of the Economics Department of the University of Dhaka Dr MM Akash said the major barriers towards mental flourish include lack of education and poverty. “In this regard, the matter of proper mental flourish of the physically and mentally challenged children alongside protecting their right is very completed”.

A child can be disabled for many reasons! But, this does not mean that such children would live only with the pity and support of people. A physically and mentally challenged child can also grow up like the healthy child and thus contribute to the society and the nation if he or she gets kind attention and sympathy of all. These children also need to get the scope for appropriate education.