Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs brave Guangdong exposition


DHAKA, Nov 16, 2018 (BSS) – This was a packed morning of inspiration, networking and celebration, and a uniquely befitting way of kick-starting the ‘2018 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo’ in China.

In this exposition of the year, the programmes had something for everyone- a really inspirational women entrepreneur line-up, an exciting new product launch and a new feature inviting women entrepreneurs to share their exciting business update.

The Guangdong exposition has been developed to help women entrepreneurs to really take their businesses to the envious level through ensuring access to market initiatives and ongoing business support.

Shafia Shama, who joined the exposition as a women entrepreneur from Bangladesh, witnessed a way that is meticulously designed and inherently attractive complete with eye-catching booths along with a bunch of other attractions leaving a lasting impression on the potential customers.

She shared start-up story of her becoming an entrepreneur and spoke about the importance of creating high quality content. Shafia, who runs a jute-goods business firm in Bangladesh, got enthusiastic through attending the four-day international exposition meant to exhibit the goods and services to the potential buyers and businesses.

“I took part in the fair for the first time to explore markets for my products in China. Initially I have become successful as I sold all of my products in the first two days and also got two export proposals,” a smiling Shafia said.

She has been running the jute goods related businesses in the city’s Hazaribagh area for seven years, and said Bangladeshi jute goods caught the attention of the Chinese consumers and buyers in the Guandong fair and so the Chinese market can be a hub for exporting the products.

Shafia, who started her business in 2003 to become a self-reliant woman entrepreneur, said the demand for jute goods is growing day by day across the world due to harmful impact of the plastic or synthetic products.

She spoke passionately about the social enterprise philosophy behind the jute-product business while inviting many in the exposition. The audience saw her jute products providing great feedback to Shafia.

Shafia was not alone in the fair as Farzana Rahman Khan, Chief Coordinator of Buru Craft, also participated in the event for the first time and got huge responses from the Chinese buyers.

Farzana said the trade fair allowed them to meet potential buyers, broaden networks and gain trust of potential clients, paving the way for sales, growth, and further investment. She started her business around seven years ago and said China will be a good market for the country’s jute goods.

Talking to BSS, Marketing Executive of the Yunnan Bengal Business Information Consultation Company (YBBICC) Istiaque Hossain said a total of 34 Bangladeshi companies, including eight women-owned entities, took part in the trade show.

Deputy Managing Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Foundation SM Shaheen Anwar said the exposition in Guangdong was a good opportunity for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to explore markets for their products in China.

“The quality of Bangladeshi products, including leather and jute goods, ranks international standard. The Bangladesh government should take more promotional activities for the Bangladeshi products in the Chinese media,” he added.

Assistant Secretary of the Jute and Textile Ministry M Haider Ali Mollah said the performance of the women entrepreneurs in the fair was notable as they sold all of their products and made good dealings with the Chinese buyers.

The trade show, joined by 1,732 exhibitors, including 1,221 overseas enterprises, and organizations from 57 countries and regions, was held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie of the Dongguan city from 25 to 28 October. The YBBICCL was the consult for Bangladesh in the organizing committee.

The Guangdong exposition proved brilliant ways to promote individual business as well as collective trade. It offered an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions with a wide array of potential customers. Given the immense potential that the trade show offered various businesses to grow and prosper, the exposition’s significance stands truly unmatched.