26 Sep 2021, 18:12
Update : 26 Sep 2021, 20:18

Govt wants e-commerce sector to run in a more disciplined way; Tipu Munshi

   DHAKA, Sep 26, 2021 (BSS) - Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi today said the 
government wants the e-commerce sector would run in the country in a more 
disciplined way shrugging off recent anomalies by some companies.

   "The e-commerce sector gained a fast expansion in the country during the 
COVID-19 pandemic period beyond our expectations. Although some e-commerce 
companies have tempted common people in a big way, but the consumers should 
have remained more cautious," he said.

   Tipu also said, "We don't want to keep aside our responsibilities. Rather 
we want that this e-commerce sector operates in a more disciplined way," 

   The Minister said this while addressing a workshop as the chief guest on 
role of the Economic Reporters Forum (ERF) towards creating fair competition 
environment in the market through implementation of the Competition Law held 
at the office of the Bangladesh Competition Commission in the Capital's 
Eskaton area.

   Presided over by the Chairperson of Bangladesh Competition Commission Md 
Mofizul Islam, its member Dr AFM Monjur Kadir gave the address of welcome 
while Commission member GM Saleh Uddin made a power-point presentation on the 
overall aspects of the Commission.

   Commission member Nasrin Begum, ERF President Sharmeen Rinvy and general 
secretary SM Rashidul Islam also spoke while Commission adviser Barrister 
Mafruha Murphy made a power-point presentation.

   Speaking on the occasion, the Commerce Minister said although the 
Commission is still nascent, but it is moving ahead with a specific goal. "It 
also needs more association with the concerned stakeholders to turn itself as 
a more proactive entity,"

   Highlighting various attainments of the government over the last 13 years, 
Tipu said that the per capita income of Bangladesh has increased than the 
past while the purchasing power of people also witnessed an uptrend.

   He said in line with this, some companies cheated with people adding that 
the media would have to play its due role in creating awareness among people 
so that the common people are not cheated falling victims of gaining 
excessive profit.

   Turning to the recent incidents of cheat by some e-commerce firms like 
Evaly, e-Orange, Tipu said that Evaly offered people of selling motorbikes of 
Taka 2.50 lakh at a surprisingly lower price of Taka 1.50 lakh, which was 
quite impossible.

   He said such companies' tempted people giving exciting offers in such way 
that it was tough to resist the people from being cheated.

   The Commerce Minister also noted that the promising e-commerce sector 
could not go backwards for the fault of some 10 to 15 companies.

   He also sought cooperation of all stakeholders for enforcement of the 
concerned policy in this regard adding that the Ministry of Finance, 
Bangladesh Bank, and other concerned stakeholders would have to come forward 
to frame the necessary guidelines for this sector.

   Tipu said that the assets of MLM companies like Jubok, Destiny have 
appreciated over the period and it is possible to compensate 50 to 60 percent 
of the losses of the affected clients of those companies if their assets are 
sold out. "But, the whole matter lies with the court,"

   He said the Competition Commission is necessary to curb corruption adding 
that the Commission would have to look where fair competition is eroding. 
"They (Commission) will also have to aware people."

   Bangladesh Competition Commission Chairperson Md Mofizul Islam said that 
if there is fair competition in the market, then the economic growth would be 
accelerated while it would also become sustainable.

   Answering to a question, he informed that they are competent enough to 
discharge their duties although they are not well-equipped now.

   Mofizul said despite numerous challenges, they are trying to strengthen 
further the Commission through increasing manpower with the rolling out of 
new organogram.

   He told another questioner that they filed a case against Evaly in 
November last year and had also stopped one of their Dhamaka offers to ensure 
fair competition in the market.

   Formed in 2016, the full-fledged Bangladesh Competition Commission started 
its work from March 2020. 

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