01 Dec 2021, 12:43

TK 32.72cr income taxes collected in Rangpur zone

   RANGPUR, Dec 1, 2021 (BSS) - Taxes zone Rangpur has collected Taka 32.72
crore income taxes during the month-long 'Income Tax Return Receipt and Tax
Information Services 2021' that ended here on Tuesday night.

  Officials said the collected amount of Taka 32.72 crore during the month
long services is higher by over Taka nine crore against Taka 23 crore
collected last time in the zone.

  Talking to BSS, Tax Commissioner for the Zone Abu Hannan Delwar Hossain
said 85,386 taxpayers have submitted returns alongside paying Taka 32.72
crore as income taxes this time.

  A record number of 2,50,072 taxpayers have taken various services from
income tax officials in a tax-friendly environment during the month-long

  Some 50,800 taxpayers have paid income taxes through automated challen (a-
challen), 5,250 through pay-order and 500 taxpayers through normal challen
during the period.

  Besides, 6,225 taxpayers have submitted e-returns using digitised online
facilities and 13,772 more taxpayers submitted prayers online or offline
during the time for time extension to pay income taxes in the zone.

  "In addition, we received returns from taxpayers and instantly provided
acknowledgement receipts, arranged mobile banking facilities for paying
income taxes, provided booklets, assistance and helped taxpayers in filing e-
returns," Hossain said.

  Taxpayers like females, senior citizens, freedom fighters, physically
disabled citizens, transgender citizens were provided special services at
special booths.

  Besides, special booths were arranged for the income tax lawyers to assist
the taxpayers in filling their income tax returns and paying income taxes

  "We provided services to taxpayers abiding by the health directives,
ensured wearing face masks and hand sanitisers for them at the entrances of
all booths," he added.

  Hossain said a target of collecting Taka 850-crore income taxes as revenue
has been fixed for the current 2021-2022 FY for Taxes Zone-Rangpur.

  "Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Taxes Zone-Rangpur collected Taka 779 crore
as income taxes exceeding the fixed target of Taka 760 crore by 19 crore or
2.50 percent during the last 2020-2021 FY," he added.


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