16 Sep 2021, 16:35

Nagad facing digital attacks in different platforms 

DHAKA, Sep 16, 2021 (BSS)-Nagad, the mobile financial service arm of the Bangladesh Post Office, is facing digital attack in different platforms of social media and in other ways. 

But, in the recent times the pace of such attacks has increased manifold.

Nagad in a release today said misinformation and propaganda against Nagad is spreading by opening up unauthentic Facebook accounts with false information from various parts of the country. Apparently, a vested quarter is facilitating such practices. These fake Facebook accounts are spreading false rumors and also distorting Nagad’s logo. This vested quarter is also hyping the Nagad’s users and beneficiaries to abandon the service.

Under the circumstances, the Nagad authorities are seriously considering to take legal steps against spreading such false information and propaganda.

Earlier this month, a group with ill motive lashed out an attack on the Nagad app. With the help of hired people, they gave negative review to the app to lower the ratings.

Nagad, the Bangladesh Post Office’s mobile financial service put an end to the decade long customer suffering in the MFS industry. With the increased customer, the volume of transaction also increased. In the last two and a half years, Nagad acquired 5.5 crore customers with a daily average transaction of more than Taka 700 crore. 

Such customer support and love for the service made a vested quarter to launch attacks after attack out of jealousy.

The Director General of Postal Department Md Siraz Uddin said, “It was only Nagad who broke the monopoly in the MFS industry. That is why false information and propaganda is been spread against Nagad. I hope they will refrain themselves in the coming days. We are always ready to refute any propaganda against the government services. We need to remember spreading propaganda against a government wing is a serious offense against the government itself.”

Calling for not to pay heed to such rumors, Nagad Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk said, “With the love that you showed in the last two and a half years, stay with us having the same level of trust. We are working to make the life of the people digital. And we are also committed to ensure the highest security of customers’ money.”

Earlier, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar and Secretary Md Afzal Hossain called for not to spread rumors and misinformation against Nagad.

In February, a vested quarter spread misinformation by distributing more than 3.5 lakh leaflets against Nagad. After filing a case by Nagad and then following court order, Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) ran an investigation. PBI investigation revels a competitor of Nagad was the mastermind behind the propaganda. Some senior official of that company led the ill campaign, which was came into media reports citing the PBI investigation.

Nagad believes, only fair competition can help to bring innovative service for customers and gain their love and trust. Providing low cost service through digital technology and ensuring service quality can only provide solid business foundation.  

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