MASTUL brings underprivileged women, children under one umbrella


DHAKA, April 17, 2021 (BSS) – MASTUL Foundation, a non-profit,
voluntary and social development organization, provides various
services to the underprivileged women and children for which it has
already recognized with acclamation by the beneficiaries and the
society as well.

The organization is now conducting separate projects for the
welfare of women and children. It was established in 2013 with a view
to give assistance to the underprivileged people by utilizing the
youths of Bangladesh. Since its inception, hundreds of women and
children across the country were benefited from the services rendered
by the organization.

This voluntary organization has launched a project named women
development in January 2016. It has initiated the project to develop
the skills of women helping them earn their livelihood and empower
themselves in the society. This project involves providing knowledge
to make handicraft products, tailoring, etc.

It provided many women with training and capital such as sewing
machines and livestock so that they can earn enough to take care of
themselves and their families. Along with making women self-reliant,
it has also raised awareness about the importance of women and their
rights to work with the underprivileged communities where they reside.

This project involves teaching of women about their rights and ways
how they can acquire these rights. It also provides legal aspects
counseling support to women whenever it is needed.

MASTUL implements programs in rural and slum areas to make the
community people aware against bad practices like repression on women,
sexual harassment and impediments towards realizing their just rights.

The project provides teaching to families and men about the
consequences of child marriage and creation of an atmosphere conducive
to the physical and mental growth of girl child.

Special health camps are also initiated under the project for women
to cater their special needs. Through these health camps, women are
being given treatments to cope with the problems arises during their
menstruation, pregnancy, family planning, childbirth, menopause and

MASTUL is doing all these to support women and girls for their
empowerment in the society, teaching them about their rights, raising
awareness against repression on women, and giving them specialized
Medicare facility.

The organization has an orphanage near the Buriganga River, which is
home to 20-40 homeless orphan children. They are provided with food,
education, clothes, entertainment, and everything else that a child
needs to grow up into a kind and become good citizen.

Besides, MASTUL School, located near the Buriganga river, is an
institution where around 150 underprivileged children get free
education facility. They get one nutritious free meal a day provided
by the school.

This non-profit organization has also various projects named –
Project for Youth, Free Ambulance Service, Self-empowerment Project,
MASTUL Foundation’s Funeral Project, Child Sponsorship, etc.

When contacted, founder of the organization Kazi Reaz Rahman said at
the beginning he used to run a temporary school beside the Dhanmondi
Lake in the city to provide basic literature and ethical knowledge to
the underprivileged children.

Later, he reshaped his idea and materialized his cherished dreams
through inception of the organization that works for betterment for
underprivileged women and children of the society.