BSS-49 BFRI begins research on Harina, Chaka shrimp fry production





BFRI begins research on Harina, Chaka shrimp fry production

DHAKA, July 2, 2019 (BSS) – Scientists of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) has started research on production of ‘Harina’ and ‘Chaka’ shrimp fries for the first time in the country.

BFRI’s Brackishwater Station, Paikgacha, Khulna and Shrimp Research Station, Bagherhat are conducting researches on “Harina” and “Chaka” shrimp respectively.

“We have begun the research to strengthen our position of shrimp export in the international market as the marketing of our Bagda and Galda shrimps becomes very competitive in recent times,” BFRI Director General Dr Yahia Mahmud told BSS today.

According to BFRI sources, Harina and Chaka shrimp is commercially potential in international market. Marketing of Harina shrimp is very easy, it is very delicious, its market price is very high and it releases eggs twice in a year. It becomes suitable for selling within three months.

Chief Scientific Officer of Brackishwater Station, Paikgacha Dr Syed Lutfar Rahman said nine ponds have been taken at Paikgacha for the research activities and fish fries were released in March last.

He said after 90 days, each Harina shrimp becomes 11 gram weight and the rate of survival was 80 percent. In every hector, 2574 kilogram shrimps were produced.

Lutfar said mother shrimp will be produced from those Harina shrimps and later post-larvae production programme will be taken at hatcheries.

Shrimp Research Station, Bagherhat chief scientific officer Dr Khan Kamal Uddin Ahmed said a research is being conducted there on hatching of Chaka shrimp.

According to the research, Chaka shrimp becomes 13 gram on an average after 90 days, he said adding that now cultivation of Chaka shrimp fries is going on.

He said brood of Chaka shrimp will be selected later and research will be conducted on fry production at hatcheries.

BFRI Director General Dr Yahia Mahmud said shrimp is the country’s second source of earning of foreign exchange. He said in recent years, the demand of large shrimp (Galda and Bagda) has cut down and demand of small shrimps has increased.

In this regard, production of Harina and Chaka shrimp could be very potential for earning of foreign exchange, he added.