BSS-48 Supreme Court sends legal notice to Rizvi





Supreme Court sends legal notice to Rizvi

DHAKA, Nov 25, 2018 (BSS) – The Supreme Court of Bangladesh today served a legal notice on BNP’s senior joint secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed asking him to withdraw his incorrect and defamatory statement within 24 hours.

Otherwise, both civil and criminal cases will be filed against Rizvi,
the notice said.

In the legal notice filed by Kabir Bin Anwar, secretary of the Water Resources Ministry, denied the allegation made by the BNP leader and claimed it absolutely incorrect and baseless.

“That because of your [Rizvi’s] such statement, the prestige and image of my client has been seriously affected. Since your all those statements are incorrect and baseless and are defamatory,” according to the notice.

Four senior government officials today strongly protested a recent comment made by BNP spokesman Ruhul Kabir Rizvi alleging that they joined a “secret meeting” at the Officers Club to manipulate the upcoming elections.

The officers, who were named by Rizvi, issued nearly identical separate statements saying they never took part in such clandestine discussion on November 20 as alleged by the BNP leader.

A rejoinder issued on behalf of Public Administration Ministry’s senior secretary Fayez Ahmed said the officials “even did not go to the Officers Club” on that day.

“His (Rizvi’s) statement is untrue and misleading,” the Public Administration Ministry rejoinder read.

The Prime Minister’s Office in a rejoinder said Rizvi alleged that PMO secretary Sajjadul Hasan joined the so-called secret meeting which was entirely untrue, misleading and imaginary.

“This is because he (Sajjadul) did not go the officers club on that day,” it read.

In the rejoinder of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism said secretary of the ministry Md Mohibul Haque joined the secret meeting which was untrue and misleading.

Prime Minister’s Assistant Personal Secretary Kazi Nishat Bakul in the rejoinder statement said Rizvi’s statement is totally untrue, misleading and imaginary.