The prime minister said her government is constantly trying to make the
civil administration more competent. Many opportunities are being created for
their higher education, which will grow them in the future. A number of
projects are going on for infrastructure development and capacity building of
the BCS Administration Academy, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government had laid foundation of the 9-storied
building of the academy which was inaugurated in 2001. During the current
tenure of her government, it has completed 15th floor of the building, she

The prime minister said her government has made the salary of the
government employees almost double in the latest National Pay Scale awarded
in 2015.

She said a number of awards were introduced to give recognition to
enthusiastic initiatives of the civil administration and an innovation fund
was created to encourage the officials in their creative activities.

As promotion is the prime incentive for a civil servant, the Prime
Minister said, her government has promoted 144 officials to the post of
secretary, 843 officials to additional secretary, 1673 officials to joint
secretary and 1981 to deputy secretary. Civil administration never witnessed
such huge number of promotions during the time of any government in the past,
she added.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangabandhu had given the country a solid foundation
in every area retrieving it from destruction within three and half years of
his tenure. But, she said, the country’s progress was halted after his brutal
killing in 1975.

The Prime Minister said the Awami League government after taking office
in 1996 took up the development work of the country in the pathway of
Bangabandhu. After formation of the government in 2009, the Awami League
government floated its vision to build Bangladesh a middle income country by
2021 and a developed one by 2041.

Sheikh Hasina said her government is making relentless efforts to achieve
the goals. Bangladesh is now a role model of development for its exemplary
successes in the poverty alleviation, universal education, women empowerment,
child and maternity services, economic growth and overall economic stability.

Pointing out few successes of her government, the Prime Minister said
overall poverty has come down to 22 percent from 41 percent in 2005 while
five crore poor people could elevated their position to middle class. In
2005, per capita income was $543 which is now $1,610. Country’s foreign
exchange reserve was only $3 billion in 2005, which is over $ 32 billion now.

Due to economic strength, the government was able to construct the giant
project like Padma Bridge with its own funds, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has undertaken the initiative to build
a ‘Digital Banagladesh” aimed at reaching the public services at the
doorsteps of the people.

“Digital Bangladesh is no more a dream now, it’s a reality,” she said
adding that under the National E-service System, e-filing programme has been
introduced in 57 ministries, 178 directorate and 1948 government offices
departments. As many as 26,000 schools have successfully introduced
multimedia classroom.

Later, the prime minister unveiled a vision wall titled “Amar Bangla” on
the premises of the academy.