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Prospect of BARI ground-nut bright in Narsingdi

NARSINGDI, Dec-22, 2017 (BSS) - The prospect of BARI ground-nut cultivation is bright in different char areas of Narsingdi district.

A vast areas of sandy land across the river bank and char areas of Narsingdi Sadar, Raipura, Belabo and Monohardi upazilas is suitable for ground-nut cultivation.

Agriculture expert urged the farmers of the areas to bring more land under cultivation BRI ground-nut, a oil enriched seed variety, in the district.

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute developed the variety and it may yield up to 4 to 5 tons per hectare of land if nurtured properly.

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Deputy Director Narsingdi Lotafat Hossain said the DAE encouraging the farmers and providing logistic support for cultivating the high yielding variety of ground-nut.

He said many farmers are now cultivating BARI ground-nut in the district and they have brought over 500 hectare of land in this season compare to 250 hectare of land last season.

The Deputy Director said with the minimum cost farmers can harvest about 5 mounds of BARI ground-nut worth taka 5,000 to 6,000 per bigha of land. Ground-nut contains about 40 percent of oil.