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Mujibnagar govt sent Pak radio message on March 25 genocide to UN

DHAKA, March 19, 2016 (BSS)- The then Mujibnagar Government sent a Pakistani army radio message to the United Nations (UN) and all heads of government which proved that the genocide carried out by Pakistani troops on March 25, 1971, was part of a well orchestrated plan.

The radio message certainly proved false the claim of the Pakistani government that its troops only attacked rebels who raised armed resistance. The evidence was a transcript of monitored radio messages passed between Pakistani army units during the early hours of March 25, 1971.

The transcript of some part of the radio message was published in "The Times" on June 2 in 1971.

Here are some extracts from message exchanged between control, the headquarters of General Tikka Khan, the military governor, and army units.

Control: Well done. What do you think would be the approximate number of casualties at the University? 88: Wait, approximately 300. Over.

Control: Well done. Three hundred killed. Anybody wounded or captured? Sitrep (situation report). Over.

88: I believe only in one thing 300 killed. Over.

Control: Yes I agree with you. That's much easier. Nothing asked nothing done. You don't have to explain anything. Once again I would like to give you Shabash to all the boys---

77: Latest from 88 that he is making progress. But there are so many buildings that he has to reduce each one in turn. He has so far suffered no casualties but there is firing against him. He is using everything he has got.

Over. Control: Tell him that his big brothers (artillery support) will also be coming shortly. I hope. So those can be utilized for knocking down the buildings. Now on the other side. I think Liaqat and Iqbal (student dormitories) is now quiet----

Control: From Imam (the commanding officer) regarding all Bangladesh flags or black flags. Owners of building flying these must be warned to remove them at once otherwise, they will be persecuted. Road blocks anywhere will be a criminal offence. Anyone seen indulging in these must be shot at sight. Houses and buildings on either side will be demolished.

88: Wilco. Anything else ? Over.

Control: Imam is now with Imam 26. If you need further assistance in any matter you can let him know.

Regarding the Buxer (demolition squad) elements. They have started from their base position and will be able to help you immediately after first light to help demolish all the obstacles in front of you. Over.

Control: What about the People's daily (the daily People newspaper)? Over.

26: Blasted. I say again, blasted. Our two men seriously wounded been evacuated.

Control: Any approximation of the other side's casualties? Over. 26:No. It's difficult to judge at the moment. Places are on fire or have been completely destroyed.

Control: Have you done away police lines also? Over.

26: Police lines on fire. Over.

Control: Good show. Out.