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Bangabandhu appeals for UN help, new exemptions

DHAKA, March 09, 2015(BSS) -- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 10, 1971 sent a telegram to the UN Secretary General informing him that the human rights of the Bangalees (Bengalis) were being trampled. He asked for UN Secretary General's help in stopping the flow of arms and ammunition from the west that were being used to kill the Bangalee civilians.

Japanese, German and UN citizens and employees were withdrawn to their respective countries.

Meanwhile, Tajuddin Ahmed, general secretary of the Awami league issued a statement to "Keep economy in full gear in the name of Bangladesh."

He said the "people's movement has attained unprecedented heights."

This, he said, had been possible "because every person in his own sphere has taken it as his sacred duty to implement, in spirit and in substance, all the directives of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman issued in the name of the people of Bangla Desh."

Mr. Tajuddin added: "The high sense of responsibility displayed by people in all walks of life is a source of inspiration to all. While the struggle must continue, we have to exert all our energies to maximize production and to keep our economy in full gear.

"We are determined to foil the conspiracy of the vested interests and the anti-people forces to destroy our economy and to inflict suffering on our hungry masses. In order to do so, our people must be prepared to give of their best in all spheres of production.

"They must at the same time be prepared to practice a high degree of austerity. All those engaged in economic activities must subject themselves to rigorous discipline in every respect for the victory of the people's cause."

More Exemptions

He said keeping the above objectives in view the following further exemptions and clarifications are being issued:

Banks: In supersession of all previous exemptions and clarifications relating to banks it is provided as follows:

(1) Banks shall remain open for banking operations from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and for administrative purposes till 4 p.m. (with the usual recess periods)' But on Fridays and Saturdays banks shall remain open for banking operations from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and for administrative purposes till 12-30 p.m. Balancing of books and all usual working practices shall be observed in respect of permitted transactions.

(2) Banks shall carry on their operations including receiving deposits of any amount, inter-bank clearances without any limit within Bangla Desh and inter-bank transfers within Bangla Desh and drawings by T.T. or mail transfers within East Pakistan subject to the following restrictions:

(i) Payments of wages and salaries provided all pay bills duly certified by a representative of the workers organization concerned or the wage register is presented along with the cheque.

(ii) Bona fide personal drawings of put Rs. 1,000 in a week.

(iii) Payment for purchases of industrial raw materials including sugarcane for sugar mills, jute for jute mills, etc.

The statement said payment up to a limit of Rs. 10,000 in a week for a bona fide commercial purpose, including purchase of all commodities was required by consumers in Bangla Desh. This amount may be drawn in cash or by cash draft. But before making payments the bank shall satisfy itself from past records that the drawer is a bona fide industrial or commercial organization or trader and the amount being drawn is not in excess of his normal average drawings in a week during the past one year.

(3) The crossed cheques and crossed demand drafts may be issued and deposited in any account within Bangla Desh.

(4) Teleprinter service operated by the banking system within Bangla Desh shall resume operation.

(5) The National Bank of Pakistan shall continue its entire discounting function throughout Bangla Desh in order to enable other banks to meet their demands.

(6) Foreign travelers' cheques may be encashed by any authorized dealer.

(7) Diplomats may freely operate their accounts and foreign nationals may operate their foreign exchange accounts.

(8) There shall be no operation of lockers.

(9) No remittances shall be effected outside Bangla Desh either through the State Bank or otherwise.

He said the State Bank shall observe the same banking and office hours as other banks and shall remain open for the purpose of taking all necessary steps for the smooth functioning of the banking system in Bangla Desh within the framework of the restrictions defined above.

Farm Activities I11 "P" forms may be sanctioned.

Agricultural activities: Procurement, movement and distribution of paddy and jute seeds, fertilizers and pesticide shall continue and agricultural farms and the rice research institute and all its projects shall function.

(2) Movement, distribution, fielding and operation of power pumps and other mechanized implements and equipments along with the necessary supply of oil, fuel, tools and plants shall continue.

(3) Sinking and operation of tube-well and their irrigation systems including canal operation shall continue.

(4) Operation of agricultural credit by the East Pakistan Co-operative Bank, central co-operative banks and their affiliated agencies and the Thana Central Cooperative Association shall continue.

(5) Distribution of interest free loan in the cyclone-affected areas and other essential items to farmers by the Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan and other banks shall be effected.

Flood control and town protection: The execution of flood control, town protection and water development works of EPWAPDA and other agencies including operation and repair of dredgers and mechanical equipment and movement of materials and connected urgent works may be carried on.

Ports including inland ports, port authorities in all respects including pilotage: Only such sections of office of the port authorities shall function as are necessary for smooth handling of incoming and outgoing ships except that no co-operation shall be extended for mobilization of forces or for materials which may be utilized for repression against the people.

EPIDC functions: All EPIDC factories shall function and shall endeavor to maximize production sections of EPIDC required for financing and purchases necessary for running the factories shall function.

Relief and rehabilitation shall function; day laborers engaged in development work shall continue to receive payments due to them for work done.

Payment of wages: Employees and some of Government and semi-Government institutions who are paid on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis shall be paid their wages and salaries as and when it becomes due. Flood relief advances already sanctioned and arrear of salaries shall be paid to all Government, semi Government employees. Necessary sections in the Government or semi-Government offices concerned shall function for the purpose of disbursing salaries.

Primary school teachers shall be given timely payment of their salaries and necessary sections of offices shall have a skeleton staff for clearance of pay bills and for the purpose of the transactions authorized by the directives issued today and previously. Jailers, jail warders and jail office shall function. Ansars shall continue to discharge their duties. Electricity and water supply section necessary for repair and maintenance shall function. All insurance companies shall function.