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Netrakona liberated December 9, 1971

NETRAKONA, Dec 8, 2016 (BSS) - December 9, the year of 1971 is a red letter day for the people of Netrakona as the valiant freedom fighters liberated the district defeating Pakistani occupation forces on the day.

Every year, the people observe "Netrakona Liberation Day" commemorating the battle which ended with hoisting of the flag of newly independent Bangladesh atop of all the public and private buildings of the district.

Like previous years, all out preparations have been taken here by the local people and freedom fighters as well as Netrakona district administration to celebrate the day with pomp and gaiety.

Commander of the district Muktijoddha Sangsad Nurul Amin told BSS in a reminiscence that the face-to-face fight started in Netrakona government agriculture farm area in the morning of December 9. Earlier, the freedom fighters along with allied Indian forces under the supervision of Indian military officer captain Chowhan cordoned off the district town on the night of December 8.

On December 9, a group of freedom fighters led by valiant freedom fighter Abu Siddique Ahmed took up position inside the agriculture farm and started firing targeting the Pakistani forces. After some time, the Pakistani forces aided by Razakers and Al-Badars opened fire on the freedom fighters indiscriminately.

After about two hours heavy fighting, the military forces were defeated and they fled towards Mymensingh district town. When, it was 11 am, the freedom fighters stormed into the Netrakona town amidst heroic civic reception and hoisted national flag atop of all the abandoned military and Razakers camps, the commander added.

Three valiant freedom fighters made their supreme sacrifice to secure victory in the front battle. The three martyred freedom fighters were Abdur Rashid, son of late Saderuddin of village Khatura, Abu Kha, son of late Hasan Kha of Gabragathi village and Abu Siddique alias Satter Miah son of late Domon Sheikh of the same village under the Netrakona Sadar upazila.

Another freedom fighter Khalilur Rahman Bir Protik said during the Liberation War, the Pakistani armed forces took control of the Netrakona town and setup a big base in the town with the help of local collaborators and resorted to mass killing here. The military forces also looted the houses of the freedom fighters, pro-liberation people and members of the Hindu community.

Apart from looting of private and public properties and killing innocent people like birds, the vindictive Pak-military forces also torched their houses. The armed forces also picked up several hundreds of innocent women including teen aged girls and housewives from different parts of the district and violated them with the help of collaborators including Razakers, Albadars and peace committee leaders.