Children to be careful in using mobile phone


By AKM Nasrir Uddin Ahmed

DHAKA, Dec 9, 2017 (BSS) – The thought, spirit, idea and work pattern of human beings are changed with the technological advancement and excellence. The people become habituated and dependent on various types of device. The name of gadget on which the people have become extremely dependent is telephone meaning the mobile phone of modern era.

The telephone innovated by Alexander Graham Bale in 1876 fulfilled the need of the people for centuries. But in the era of highest advancement of science, the mobile phone is being used beyond the need. Because of massive use of the device, it takes the users towards dreadful diseases. Especially, the children are being mostly affected by using the mobile phones.

Mobile phone is snatching the natural freshness of the children in one hand, while it’s turning them into dead animals by confining to the houses through keeping them away from playgrounds and relatives. As a result, their physical and mental growth is being affected and they’re suffering from various diseases.

According to a research conducted in Sweden that the youths of below 20 years of age who use mobile phones have nearly five times more possibility than others to be attacked with brain cancer.

Another research showed that a two-minute mobile phone call creates hyper activity in the children’s brain, which prevails there for subsequent one hour. Due to this impact, they might be suffered from various complicated diseases, like brain cancer and brain tumour. And it is because the radiation absorption power of the children is more than the seniors.

As the skin and bone of the children is soft, their cancer risk is more. They may suffer from various problems like convulsions and insomnia side by side with decreasing class performance. The research also showed that the use of mobile phone reduces the hearing ability of the children.

Experts think that the radiation increases risk of cancer and it’s responsible for 30 percent cancer of the children.

The research further showed that the cancer risk of the children who stay near the magnetic field increases and those who live near power lines producing EMF (electromagnetic field) are attacked by leukaemia. Those who stay within 1200 feet of mobile or radio tower have more chances to be attacked with brain tumour than others.

The country’s most of the mobile towers were set up on school rooftops as well as the rooftops of the dwelling houses and shopping malls. Safe distance is not maintained in setting up the towers at these places.

The guardians will have to be careful in using mobile phone by their children. For emergency work, they don’t obstruct their children from using mobile phone. It’s seen that the children remain busy with the mobile phone not only in outside, but also in the house throughout the day.

Once, a child who used to spend time by playing games and doing gossip with brothers, sisters, parents and other relatives or reading books, he or she now wastes time by playing games in mobile phone or watching YouTube or undesired sites on internet.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the children are children and they’re not physically capable like seniors. As a guardian, you will have to prepare some child-friendly rules and regulations in your family.

Not only mobile phone, the use of computer, electronic game, electric power line and WiFi fall the children at health risk. A research showed by setting up EMF filter at Canada’s Toronto School for Children with Learning Disability that teachers and students of the school are now more spirited and fresh than the past. It’s very surprising that this rate is more than 55 percent.

Despite that technology cannot be denied in any way. With the help of the technology, the extent of risk could be brought down. Such as talking by putting on the speaker of mobile or cordless phones and making more contact through text or SMS instead of talking in mobile phone.

It’s necessary to keep the mobile phone at least six feet away from sleeping children. The children will also have to be kept away during cooking in micro-woven and using iron, because both woven and iron emit EMF which is more harmful to the health of the children than seniors.

Not only for growing children, the pregnant mothers will have to be careful in using mobile phone also for the baby of womb. Researches showed that the babies stay in womb could be crippled due to excessive electric pollution. Even the hearing ability and growing nerve system of the children could be damaged. It may also bring horrific danger like miscarriage and problems of giving birth to child.

Canada expatriate Bangladeshi physician Dr KR Zaman said to protect the children from harmful radiation, food habit could be changed apart from limiting use of mobile phone. Antioxidant that exists in the dried plum can fight harmful radiation emitted due to electric pollution. Besides, four to five peanuts could be consumed and specific amount of prune could be added to the meal. Cauliflower and cabbage help check radiation.

If anybody consumes two spoons of honey regularly or drink whey or buttermilk three or four days in every week, he or she could be protected from the harmful impact of radiation.

If the guardians remain alert and take proper care of the children, then we can expect a completely healthy generation in building a prosperous nation in future which could be helpful for turning the country into a true Sonar Bangla.