Experts for raising reproductive health awareness to cut death rate


DHAKA, Sept 6, 2018 (BSS) – A bright future of a country and a nation mostly depends on the new generation. It depends on the exquisite growth of a child from his birth. And a nice and healthy birth of a child depends on his or her mother’s health.

Therefore, every mother should be aware and have proper knowledge of the reproductive health. Unfortunately, many women in the country are not conscious about the issue. Most of them have not proper knowledge of reproductive health.

This situation is not only in the villages, but also in the urban areas. Experts suggest raising awareness to change the mentality of all concerned to be more careful to the mothers.

They said pregnancy is not a sickness. But, around 13 percent women aged between 15 years and 49 years die while giving to birth children. Negligence and abhorrence to the mother are the main reasons of the death. The reasons of mothers’ death are preventable, they observed.

A report titled `Maternal mortality and health service survey in Bangladesh 2016: Primary report’ showed the statistic of the death rate of mothers. Sources said two surveys were also conducted in 2001 and 2010. The 2001 survey showed that 20 percent women died of maternity related diseases. In 2010, it reduced to 14 percent. After six years, in 2016, the death rate was 13 percent.

The survey, conducted by the Bangladesh government, showed that a total of 196 mothers died among the one lakh while giving birth.

According to the survey, now the delivery cases in health centers have increased. In 2001, the delivery cases in health centres were only 9 percent while it was 23 percent in 2010. The 2016 survey showed that the rate was 47 percent.

A total of 53 percent unsafe delivery is being managed by the unskilled midwives in the country till now.

Sources said only three percent health centers across the country have been fulfilled the least criteria for normal delivery. Proper knowledge and ambiguity are the main reasons for this, they added.

The 2010 survey showed that 31 percent mother die due to excess bleeding, 20 percent for epilepsy, 7 percent for delivery complexity or long time labor pain, 1 percent for abortion, 35 percent for indirect reasons (heart disease, jaundice etc), 5 percent for other direct reasons and 1 percent for unknown reasons.

The 2016 survey showed that 31 percent mother die because of excess bleeding and 24 percent for epilepsy.

Kamrun Nahar, a member of the survey team, said, “The survey mentioned the reasons of maternal deaths. It also mentioned where to give more importance to reduce the death rate. Excess bleeding and epilepsy are the two main reasons of the death incidents. But we didn’t see proper programme against those reasons to reduce the death rate.”

Besides, she said, the mothers are unaware and have no proper knowledge on these issues.

Gynecologist Dr Nazmun Nahar said the mothers in the rural areas are not much aware about the reproductive health till now. They feel discomfort to discuss this issue, she added.

Nahar said every mother should move ahead plan-wise before they conceived. But the issue still remains neglected, even in the urban areas too, she observed.