Every household will get electricity by 2021: PM


DHAKA, Sept 5, 2018 (BSS) – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said 90
percent people of the country have already been brought under electricity
coverage reiterating determination that the electricity would be reached
every household by 2021.

“We will reach the electricity to cent percent people of the country by
2021,” she said, in a message on the eve of the National Power and Energy
Week 2018.

The Awami League government always gives priority to the country’s power
and energy sector, the premier said, adding that electricity production was
increased to 4,300 MW from 1,600 MW during their term from 1996 to 2001.

“We have also taken different initiatives to boost the electricity
production after assuming office in 2009. A total of 13,800 MW electricity
was added to the national greed from 94 government and non-government power
plants during the last nine and half a years,” Sheikh Hasina said.

Electricity production capacity has increased to 20,000 MW, she said,
adding that 56 power plans are now under construction having capacity of
producing 14,134 MW.

The government also taken various steps in exploring gas and increasing
its production, the premier said, adding that four new gas fields have
already been discovered.

The daily average gas production has increased to 2,750 million cubic
feet per day that was 1,744 mcft per day in January 2009 while 500 mcft LNG
has been being imported to meet the shortage of gas, Sheikh Hasina said.

Prime Minister appreciated the initiatives of observing the National
Power and Energy Week to uphold the government’s activities, successes and
future plan before the people and encourage the people to check misuse of
power and energy.

She also called upon all to contribute towards transforming the country
into a middle-income one by 2021 and developed one by 2041 by preventing
misuse of power and energy and ensuring appropriate use of it.