Turkey, Iran, Russia presidents to hold summit over Syrian crisis on Sept 7


ANKARA, Aug 27, 2018 (BSS/XINHUA) – Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey
will hold a trilateral summit in Iran on September 7 as part of the Astana
peace process over the Syrian crisis, the Turkish presidency said Monday.

The meeting between Turkey, Russia and Iran, the three guarantors of a
cease-fire deal in Syria, comes ahead of increasing international efforts in
reaching a solution to the Syrian crisis.

The summit will be held in the northern Iranian city of Tabriz, according
to broadcaster TRT Haber.

The three countries have been mediating a peace process for the Syrian
crisis since 2016.

Ankara has been urging against an impending military operation by the
Syrian forces targeting the rebel-held Idlib Province, citing concerns of
civilian casualties and a possible refugee influx toward Turkish border.

The Syrian government, backed by Russia, aims to clear Idlib of militants,
who have been controlling the province since early 2017.

The latest trilateral summit of Astana process was held in Ankara in April,
with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian
President Hassan Rouhani.