“Three-in-one” pill points to better hypertension treatment: Aussie study


SYDNEY, Aug. 15, 2018 (BSS/XINHUA) – A new medical pill has significantly
helped more patients hit blood pressure targets than conventional medication,
pointing to better treatment of hypertension worldwide, according to latest
Australian-led trials.

The low-dose “three-in-one” pill helped 70 percent of patients to lower
their blood pressure compared to just over half receiving normal care, the
George Institute for Global Health said in a statement on Wednesday
explaining its trial.

It’s estimated more than a billion people globally suffer from high blood
pressure with the vast majority having poorly controlled blood pressure, said
the institute’s Dr Ruth Webster.

“Our results could help millions of people globally reduce their blood
pressure and reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke,” said Webster.

The trial involved giving hypertension patients three drugs, each at half
dose, in a single pill for early treatment of high blood pressure.
Traditionally, patients begin treatment with one drug at a very low dose,
which is increased over time with additional drugs added and increased in
dosage to try to reach targets.

Patients are brought back at frequent intervals to see if they are meeting
their targets with multiple visits required to tailor their treatments and
dosage, said Webster, adding that the new approach is much simpler.

The findings, published via medical research platform JAMA, are set to
change guidelines in the field globally, said the institute.