Bumper Aush paddy production in Jamalpur


JAMALPUR, Aug 7, 2018 (BSS)-Farmers in the district have achieved a bumper
production of Aush paddy this year as a result of favourable climatic

Sources with Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said the farmers
were able to produce 2.7 tonnes of high yielding variety Aush rice per
hectare against the target 2.55 tonnes this year.

Sufficient rainfalls during the season helped the paddy plant grew well
without any irrigation.

The sources said the farmers cultivated the crop on 5987 hectares of land
this time which is almost double compared to the last season.

Local variety of the crop was cultivated on 452 hectares and high breed Aush
on 35 hectares. The harvesting of the paddy will be completed by this month.