Bangabandhu wanted to pass last days of life with daughter Hasina


by Mahfuza Jasmine

DHAKA, Aug 5, 2018 (BSS) – Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman had a dream of passing the last days of his life with his elder
daughter Sheikh Hasina, currently the Prime Minister, at their Tungipara
village, surrounded by natural beauty, in Gopalganj district.

“Today, one of his (Bangabandhu) words comes to my mind repeatedly. He
used to say, ‘I will stay at village in the last days of my life. You will
look after me. I will be with you,” Sheikh Hasina wrote at the chapter titled
‘Smritir Dakhin Doyar’ in her autobiography ‘Sheikh Mujib Amar Pita (Sheikh
Mujib My Father).

The great leader, who used to think about the welfare of the country’s
mass people throughout his life, wanted to find himself among the common
people in the last days of his life.

As the elder daughter of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina got an opportunity of
passing more time with Bangabandhu. He used to share political thoughts,
future plans and his desires with Sheikh Hasina.

Recalling memories with her father, Sheikh Hasina said, “I usually passed
my times with my father. I got opportunities to discuss about the future”.

But Bangabandhu could not fulfill his dream as the self-confessed killers
of August 15 not only assassinated Bangabandhu alone, but also 16 other
members of his family, friends and relatives.

Only 16 days before of the carnage, Sheikh Hasina with her two children
Saima Wazed Hossain Putul and Sajeeb Wazed Joy and her sister Sheikh Rehana
left the country for Germany on July 30.

Although Sheikh Hasina did not want to go to Germany, she had to go after
getting a phone call from her husband Dr MA Wazed Miah, who was then working

That time, the University of Dhaka was taking preparations for holding its
convocation on August 15. The whole university wore a festive look and became
jubilant over the issue.

Sheikh Hasina met the then DU Vice-Chancellor physicist Dr Abdul Matin
Chowdhury before leaving the country. Dr Matin requested her to stay in Dhaka
till August 15 for being a part of the historic convocation.

Sheikh Hasina also wanted to stay in Bangladesh till the date. But after
getting a call from Wazed Miah, she left for Germany on July 30.

Recalling her memories on that day, the Prime Minister said, “It would
have been better for me, if I stayed in Dhaka obeying sir’s (Matin)
request… I, too, would have gone (died) with my father, mother and
brothers. I would have got rid of my unbearable everyday pain”.

Bangabandhu became distressed over the departure of his two daughters on
July 30.

Bangabandhu’s private secretary and former governor of Bangladesh Bank Dr
Mohammed Farashuddin Ahmed said, “Bangabandhu broke into tears like a child
during the departure of his two daughters. I never see him crying like this”.

If Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana did not go abroad, Bangabandhu would
have passed his last days with his elder daughter. But the last sign of the
Bangabandhu family would have been erased forever in the history of Bangali

Terming Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana’s departure from the country as a
divine blessing, Farashuddin said, “If they did not leave the country, they
would have been the victims of the carnage. And we did not get today’s

Bangabandhu got only three and a half years after the country’s liberation
in 1971. He could not implement his plan of building a self-reliant, educated
and autogenous nation. He also could not materialize his dream of building
Sonar Bangla as the perpetrators killed him by this time.

The great leader passed about 11 years in jail throughout his political
career. As a political leader, Bangabandhu spent most of his time for the
mass people. The generous leader, who was father of five children, instilled
kindness, generosity, democratic and political spirits into his children.

Following her father’s footprints, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working
sincerely to materialize Bangabandhu’s dream.

But she could not forget Bangabandhu’s dream in the last days of his life
as Tungipara village beacons her wherever she goes there.

She also wants to pass the last days of her life with the reminiscence of
her father’s affection. In the chapter ‘Smritir Dakhin Doyar’ of her
autobiography, Sheikh Hasina wrote, “The tranquil environment of the village
and the pull back of my father’s shrine take me to village again and again…
I also want to pass the last days of my life at Tungipara permanently. I have
a dream of building a house near the river”.