COVID-19: 15,172 patients recover in Rangpur division


RANGPUR, Feb 23, 2021 (BSS) – The total number of recovered coronavirus (COVID-19) infected patients rose to 15,172 with the healing of nine more infected people on Monday in Rangpur division.

Meanwhile, the total number of infected patients rose to 15,826 as five new COVID-19 positive cases were reported after testing 87 collected samples with the daily infection rate of 5.75 percent in the division on Monday.

“The 15,172 coronavirus patients out of total 15,826 have healed so far in the division at the average recovery rate of 95.87 percent,” Focal Person of COVID-19 and Assistant Director (Health) for Rangpur division Dr. ZA Siddiqui told BSS today.

Since the beginning, a total of 1,06,943 collected samples of Rangpur division were tested till Monday, and of them, 15,826 were found COVID-19 positive with an average infection rate of 14.80 percent.

The 15,172 recovered patients include 3,679 of Rangpur, 762 of Panchagarh, 1,299 of Nilphamari, 952 of Lalmonirhat, 980 of Kurigram, 1,469 of Thakurgaon, 4,597 of Dinajpur and 1,434 of Gaibandha districts. “The district-wise break up of the total 15,826 patients stands at 4,039 in Rangpur, 794 in Panchagarh, 1,328 in Nilphamari, 964 in Lalmonirhat, 1,019 in Kurigram, 1,512 in Thakurgaon, 4,709 in Dinajpur and 1,461 in Gaibandha,” Dr. Siddiqui added.

Talking to BSS, Divisional Director (Health) Dr. Md. Ahad Ali said the number of fatalities remained steady at 308 in the division with one more death reported from Rangpur on Monday.

The district-wise break up of the 308 fatalities stands at 72 in Rangpur, 111 in Dinajpur, 34 in Thakurgaon, 28 in Nilphamari, 15 in Kurigram, 20 in Panchagarh, 17 in Gaibandha and 11 in Lalmonirhat districts of the division,” he said. “The average casualty rate currently stands at 1.95 percent in the division,” he said.

Among the total 15,826 COVID-19 infected patients, six are undergoing treatments at isolation units after recovery of 15,172 patients and 308 deaths while 340 remaining in home isolations across the division. Since the beginning, a total of 95,414 people of the division were put in quarantines, and of them, 92,912 released and 2,502 are currently remaining in home quarantines. “Meanwhile, a total 2,14,389 citizens, including 1,41,148 males and 73,241 females, have so far been immunised with COVID-19 vaccines till Monday in all eight districts of Rangpur division since February 7 last,” Dr. Ali added.

Talking to BSS, Chief of Divisional Coronavirus Service and Prevention Task Force and Principal of Rangpur Medical College Professor Dr. AKM Nurunnobi Lyzu said the COVID-19 infection rate continues declining consistently in recent months.

“Although the COVID-19 vaccination campaign continues effectively in the division, people should abide by the health directives to ultimately bring down the infection rate to the zero level,” Dr. Lyzu added.