Mustard fields get yellowish look in Panchagarh


PANCHAGARH, Jan 12, 2021 (BSS) – The mustard fields in the district have turned into yellowish look as yellow flowers bloomed on every plant, creating hope of getting bumper production.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said 2,775 hectares of land have been brought under mustard cultivation in the district with a production target of 3,635 tonnes of yield.

The DAE has given mustard seed and necessary fertilizers among the farmers free of cost.

Deputy Director of DAE here, Md Mizanur Rahman told BSS that mustard is short duration crop and lucrative because its cultivation expense is comparatively low.

The farmers can cultivate Boro paddy on the same land after harvesting mustard.

The land becomes fertile for mustard cultivation that fosters Boro production.

The DAE has already given training to the farmers on modern technology for mustard cultivation to boost production, Mizanur Rahman said.