Joyeeta, a pioneer for propping up women entrepreneurs


DHAKA, Dec 11, 2020 (BSS) – Bangladesh is not only well known in Asia and Europe but also across the globe for the economical and political empowerment of women.

Bangladesh is now more secured and dependable place for women which has been possible for different welfare oriented initiatives of the government.

At present, country’s prime minister, leader of the opposition and speaker of the parliament are women. In addition, women have been posted in higher position at both different government and non-government organisations.

Not only that women are also moving ahead taking different challenging professions while many become entrepreneurs rather not chasing behind the jobs. Some of their initiatives attained success beyond country. “Joyeeta” is one of such initiative and it is playing important role in the welfare of women entrepreneurs across the country.

Officials said “Joyeeta Sales Centre”, opened on the fourth and fifth floors in Dhanmondi’s Rapa Plaza under Women Entrepreneurship Development scheme, is one of the priority activities of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She inaugurated the operation of Joyeeta on November 16, 2011 with the aim of marketing and selling of the products of small women entrepreneurs of every nook and cranny in the country.

Women and Children Affairs Secretary Kazi Rowshan Akhter said the initiative has expedited the women entrepreneurs development scheme.

It has create job opportunity for women which also reduced discrimination between men and women, and finally eliminate poverty gradually along with women empowerment, she added.

Officials said Department of Women Affairs has started to implement the Joyeeta activities on trial basis with government financing under the supervision of women and children affairs ministry in November, 2011. Initially, the Joyeeta scheme was started for three years, but later it has been turned into Joyeeta Foundation. So, Joyeeta is a symbol of winning woman.

Joyeeta Foundation Managing Director Afroja Khan said Department of Women Affairs started a campaign called “Joyeeta Anneshone Bangladesh” to spread the Joyeeta activities for the freedom of women, resulting Joyeeta become known across the country and women are got inspired and optimistic centring Joyeeta.

Later, the women and children affairs ministry made Joyeeta foundation as a non-profitable and autonomous organisation.

She said Joyeeta does not do business rather women entrepreneurs do business directly on Joyeeta’s platform. Joyeeta Foundation provides infrastructural facilities and required knowledge and skill to women entrepreneurs for running their business and producing products along with loan facilities to some extent, she added.

Afroja Khan said Joyeeta Foundation also works to create brand value of Joyeeta as well as control quality of the products to boost business of women entrepreneurs.

She said Joyeeta Foundation has been given one bigha of land beside road no-27 in Dhanmondi to construct a permanent building and work to this end is now going on.

Officials said the objective of Joyeeta Foundation is to expedite the establishment of a gender equally based society through economical empowerment of women.

Rowshan Akhter said ministry has been working to develop women as entrepreneurs through different trainings.

Every year Joyeeta Award is being given to successful women of different sectors to motivate others, she added.

Entrepreneur of Tangail Butik House, Rayhana Rahim who sells her products at Joyeeta Sales Centre said once she used to sell her products through known people and Facebook page. “But, now we are selling through Joyeeta and getting good response.”

Joyeeta Foundation Managing Director said “If we actually want to empower women, we have to develop them as entrepreneurs.”