RWASA to implement TK 93.45-cr project to uplift water supply system


By Dr Aynal Haque

RAJSHAHI, Sept 16, 2020 (BSS)- Rajshahi Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (RWASA) is going to implement a Taka 93.45 crore project aiming at improving public health and livelihood condition of urban people through strengthening water supply system, officials said.

The project titled “Water Supply System Renovation in Rajshahi City” will be implemented with an estimated cost of Taka 93.45 crore to remove the existing water supply related problems.

Under the project, seven pump houses will be constructed with replacement of 30 production tube-wells and regeneration of another 80 production tube-wells, said RWASA Superintending Engineer Parvej Mahmud.

Apart from this, 95-kilometer pipelines of different diameters will be installed, while another 38-kilometer will be replaced and 600 washouts will be installed for supplying pump motors to 60 production tube-wells. Besides, 133-kilometer roads will be renovated.

The project has also provision of supplying 12 pump motors to the Shyampur Water Purification Plant together with re-excavating its ponds and replacing the filter and dousing system.

Engineer Mahmud said the project is intended to reconstruct and renovate the existing water supply infrastructures to meet the gradually mounting water demands in the interim period until building a modern water supply system in Rajshahi city through construction of a surface water treatment plant by 2024.

“So far, we have brought 84 percent of Rajshahi city’s total 5.52 lakh populations under the water supply coverage,” said Sultan Abdul Hamid, Managing Director of RWASA.

Currently, 9.5-crore litres of water are being supplied to 44,894 consumers through 103 production pumps in all 30 wards of Rajshahi City Corporation daily against the total demand of 11.33 crore litres.

There are 712.50-kilometer pipelines to distribute the extracted water.

“We have also completed the feasibility study on the Surface Water Treatment Plant in Rajshahi WASA at a cost of around Taka 1.89 crore,” added Hamid.

Meanwhile, a Taka 4,150-crore mega project titled “RWASA Surface water Treatment” is on the implementation stage at present for building a modern water supply system in Rajshahi city through construction of surface water treatment plant by 2024.

The mega project has been adopted to supply fresh drinking water under a 40-year water supply management master plan.

Under the project, 26.5-kilometer main pipelines as well as 48-kilometer primary and secondary pipelines would be installed for ensuring a strong water supply network.

Water from the Padma River will be supplied to households for drinking purposes after necessary treatment.

The surface water-based plant with capacity of treating 20-crore litre water daily will be installed at Farhadpour, 26.5 kilometres west from the city centre under Godagari upazila by June 2022.

From this water purification plant, fresh drinking water will be provided for all 30 wards in Rajshahi City Corporation and its surrounding areas as well as 11 wards of Katakhali and Naohata municipal areas.

Abdul Hamid said the RWASA has persistently been working with the vision of establishing a sustainable and smart water management system through ensuring transparency, accountability, integrity and participation of all stakeholders.