President for strengthening bond of friendship among multilingual people


DHAKA, Feb 20, 2020 (BSS) – President Md Abdul Hamid today called for
strengthening bond of friendship among multilingual people for revival of
world’s almost defunct languages to diversify the globe in respective

“As the spirit of Amar Ekushey is now the incessant source of inspiration
for the protection of own languages and culture of people around the world,
let the bond of friendship among multilingual people be strengthened, world’s
almost defunct languages be revived-it is my expectation on Shaheed Day and
International Mother Language Day,” said the President in a message making
the Shaheed Day and International Mother Language Day 2020.

The President extended his warm congratulations and sincere felicitations
to all multilingual people of the world along with Bangla-speaking people on
Shaheed Day and International Mother Language Day, President Md Abdul Hamid
said it is a unique celebration in protecting mother tongue as well as own
culture and heritage.

The President paid his deep homage to the language martyrs namely Salam,
Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiur and so many unknown and unsung language heroes
who laid down their lives for the cause of mother tongue Bangla.

He also remembered with profound respect, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who led Sarbodolio Rashtrobhasa Sangram Parishad (All
Party State Language Action Committee), formed in 1948 and was arrested for
his active role in the Language Movement.

He recalled Dhirendranath Dutt, the then Member of Gonoparishad
(Constituent Assembly) who raised the proposal before the Gonoparishad to
turn Bangla into the state language.

He said February 21 has now been recognized by the UNESCO as the
‘International Mother Language Day’ in 1999 with the spontaneous willingness
and sincere endeavour of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina along with the primary
efforts of some Bangla-loving expatriate Bangladeshis.

“As a nation, it is our great achievement. International Mother Language
Institute, an institute for the research and preservation of the flourishing
and nearly extinct languages of the world, was established in Dhaka in 2001,”
he added.

Besides, textbooks and teaching methods have also been introduced for the
tribes minor races, ethnic sects and communities in Bangladesh with a view to
protecting and developing their own languages and culture.

“Observing the International Mother Language Day, I firmly believe, will
play a positive role in attaining the sustainable future through multilingual
education,” he added.

“The aim of the language movement was to establish the right of our mother
tongue as well as to protect self-entity, cultural distinction and heritage.
Being a source of ceaseless inspiration, Amar Ekushey inspired and encouraged
us to a great extent to achieve the right to self-determination and struggle
for freedom and war of liberation,” he said.

“With the bloodshed passages of Language Movement in February, we achieved
the recognition of Bangla as the mother tongue and consequently, we attained
our long-cherished independence under the charismatic leadership of the
greatest Bangalee of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujibur Rahman in 1971,” the President added.

He said every day some languages of the world are becoming extinct due to
multifarious causes including poverty, imperialism, commercialism,
propagation of religion, immigration, motivated financial and human
assistances, lack of proper exercise of languages, declining of birth rate of
some races and nation, degradation of the environment and satellite culture.

The extinct of language means to disappear of culture, nation and
civilization on the earth, he said, adding that the people of the world will
have to raise their voice for the preservation of defunct language along with
flourishing respective mother tongue and culture.