Naeema’s online Saree is now in abroad


DHAKA, Feb 18, 2020 (BSS) – Naeema Sultana, who was completely a housewife once upon a time, but now turned into a successful business person and materialized her dream by proving that human being is as big as his or her dreams. Alongside earning money, Naeema also now plays vital role in family decision.

Utilizing her intelligence, thinking and patience, Naeema Sultana becomes an iconic person and many women have now started small initiatives following her footstep.

Naeema recently in an interview with BSS narrated her story of becoming an entrepreneur and also reminiscing the initial stages of her success days in business by overcoming different challenges, as she started business with low amount of capital.

“I started online business at home after collecting saree from Tangail and then never looked back . . . Now I have a business volume of over Taka 1 crore annually,” she revealed.

Family members stood against Naeema’s decision of doing business rather insisted her to search for job, but she always thinks and plans about business.

“My family members did not want that I started business although I tried in many ways to convince them but failed. Finally, I started online business to sell cloth secretly by opening a Facebook page,” she said.

Naeema said one of my friends’ home is in Tangail and she often brings Tant Saree from her father’s business. “I began online business by taking 10 sarees from my friend and sold out those in two days which inspired me to move ahead,” she added.

Initially, Naeema’s business had run well and a spring festival also gave her a big boost, as she sold 150 sarees centering the occasion. “I informed my family after collecting money of the sold sarees and it was unbelievable for them that this was possible by me after seeing a good amount of money in my hand at a time,” she said.

“All of my family members became surprised, but when decided to continue business openly, none was opposed it and then I expanded my online business further at home,” said the iconic lady.

Naeema’s saree business was going on online and later she opened showroom. Now her business is going on simultaneously in both online and off line, and in the mean time her business expanded beyond the country as Bengali women living in different countries become her clients.

Replying to a query on entering foreign markets, she said “One of my friends lives in Canada with family and she used to share post of my facebook page.”

Naeema said “In December 16, 2018 Banglali Community in Canada organized victory day celebration programme and the women decided to wear same saree. In that time my friend communicated with me and I shared a saree on my facebook page which was liked by many of the women live in Canada.”

“Later, they ordered the saree on online and made payment. After the celebration event, I have been getting online order for saree from different countries and also sending as per order,” she continued.

About the challenges to get access to foreign market, Naeema said the main challenge was product delivery as big courier service is needed for sending product in abroad where carrying charge is much higher than domestic. But, there are now some good courier services who offer quality service in cheaper rate.

She told the new entrepreneurs that the main benefit of sale product in foreign market is price and profit ratio than domestic market.

“Good result could be yielded through marketing in Bangali community in abroad, as almost everybody used to buy after seeing the product when one person collect it,” added Naeema.