BRTA Rajshahi office bustling with clients


RAJSHAHI, Dec 2, 2019 (BSS) – Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA)
office here is bustling with clients after having been enacted new Road
Transport Act-2018 last month as scores of people are seen humming to the
office for updating their driving licenses and related documents.

A lot of people crowds at the office every day to accomplish vehicle
fitness tests along with issuing and re-issuing driving licenses and
registration as the office staffs are providing services to clients by
managing smoothly the overcrowded situation with patients, said Kamrul
Hassan, Assistant Director of BRTA.

“Earlier, we had to go through checking fitness of hardly 100 to 120
vehicles a day but now the figure has doubled,” he said.

He said the license-seekers are now availing the scopes of submitting their
applications online without coming to the BRTA office that lessened their
sufferings as transparency has also been ensured in the process.

“We have, so far, received more than 8,500 applications for registration
and licence since early last month,” he added.

While visiting the BRTA office compound on Sunday it has been found jam-
packed with vehicles along with its owners who came here for different

Talking to BSS, Shafqul Islam, 36, who came from Borboria village in Paba
Upazila, said he has appeared here for giving driving test.

He said there is no way but to comply with the new law that hiked the fine

Kabir Hossain, 39, who came from Kakonhat in Godagari Upazila, echoed him.

Ziaur Rahman, 43, of Nowdapara area in the city, said he came for
conducting driving test around six months back but couldn’t succeed. So, he
has submitted his application again.

Another service-seeker Mezbah Uddin, 45, came to the office for driving
test and became successful in it. Subsequently, he submitted money for
getting licence. He will also take fitness and colour-checking certificate
and number of his motorbike’s chassis and engine.

Mezbah Uddin appreciated the law saying many others became aware of the
importance of licence, vehicle’s fitness test and registration like him upon
its enactment.

He expected that successful enforcement of the law will help restore
discipline in the road traffic system.

Mofakkarul Islam, Traffic Inspector of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police, said
different motivational and awareness campaigns are being conducted among the
transport drivers and workers.

He said no one can drive vehicle without valid documents.

Meanwhile, the BRTA office accompanied by local administration and law-
enforcers are in active to enforce the new traffic law by taking legal
actions against the law violators.

The motorcyclists are also being forced to use helmets for their safety and
security as a part of implementing new traffic law.