Random use of chemical fertilizer destroys land fertility


NARSINGDI, Oct 8, 2019 (BSS) – Random use of chemical fertilizers and continued cultivation of the same crop on the same plot of land without interval and non-rotation of crops are steadily destroying the fertility of arable land in the district.

Shovon Kumar Dhar, Deputy director Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Narsingdi held a meeting yesterday Monday at his office conference room with concerned persons.

He said at the meeting that the cultivators of the district have little knowledge about the soil components. They use the chemical fertilizer haphazardly and unnecessarily to obtain maximum production destroying the production capacity of the soil.

He said most of the farmers in their cultivable lands here are using twice or thrice in yielding crops in a year and chemical fertilizers are using in a big way without any planned consideration. As result the production capability of cultivable land throughout the district is decreasing day by day.

Dhar also said that there is now a a very few member of cultivators of the district rarely use organic fertilizers including cow dung and water hyacinth which possess some capacity to retain the production capability.

The Deputy Director Suggested that the cultivators should apply chemical fertilizer after proper soil testing and also in consultation with the concerned agriculture officers and possible application of organic fertilizers in place of chemical ones to retain as well as to increase the production capability of the soil.

He also advised the farmers to cultivate Dancha at their cultivable land every after three or four years. As Danchas are the most important green fertilizers of the crop land. Otherwise the yielding rate will decrease further. And time will come in the near future when yield will fail to meet even the production cost.