Success in tri-nation T20 could quell the disappointment of Test loss: Shakib


CHATTOGRAM, Sept 9, 2019 (BSS)-Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan was
reluctant to term their Test defeat to Afghanistan as shameful, instead he
termed this as disappointing.

The captain said things will come under control if they could perform
well in the upcoming Tri-nation T20 series, involving Afghanistan and
Zimbabwe, slated to begin from September 13.

“I don’t think it is shameful. It is disappointing of course but not
shameful,” Shakib said here on Monday.

“We need to win the first T20 match. If we can do that then we will have
the chance to bring everything under control,” he added.

“We have to take preparation though we don’t have just three days. We
have done around faster. The players who are selected for Test, most of them
will play in T20s. Everyone has to change the mentality to T20s from Test.
And at the same time we have to perform. It will be difficult for us. But the
result is very important to have a good start in the tournament.

There was criticism that Bangladeshi players are not much interested to
play longer version format but Shakib protested it by saying, “People have
different mind-set. Everyone can give that opinion of their interest of
playing or not. But I don’t think none of the members who are in this squad,
have that interest of not playing the Test matches.”

Shakib’s own performance in that Test was disappointing when there was
high hopes on him following an epic World Cup performance.

“I am right there where I have always been, after the World Cup and now.
Everyone can see it differently, that depends on them. I always try to
perform. I cannot contribute in every match, that’s normal. And that can
happen,” he remarked.

Shakib also talked about much-talked rotation policy to protect players
from being burnt. At the same time he raised the issue of dividing two teams
for longer and shorter version format.

“I think I have said it. We should understand first that who is more
suitable for which format and have to be stick with that. We don’t have too
many options to choose. If you see premier league, there are only 10-11
matches and we have choose player from there. We have to pick T20 players
from one T20 tournament, BPL. And other is NCL. So we have to pick three
types of players from these three options. So I don’t think we have enough

“And the player has to deserve the format. Or he has the chance to play
well in that particular format. I think we have to progress with a big plan.
Otherwise, these results will come more often. Maybe it is happening more
now, that has from World Cup, then Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. If we can’t
turn around, I think it will be really tough to think something better.
Taking good decision also becomes tough at bad times. So we need to win so
that we can take the good decisions.”

Shakib however showered praise on his opposite number Rashid Khan after
he led the side to the victory, with match haul of 11-104 and scoring 51 in
first innings.

“Though new in Test but he is a world class bowler in T20 for long time.
If he can apply the same in Test, there is possibility that he can bowl well.
What he did well against us. He was a good factor for us and he proved it
taking 11 wickets. His batting was also handy. His runs pushed him team
forward,” he said.