Textbook contains Lutfa Sanjida’s success story


DHAKA, Sept 7, 2019 (BSS) – Lutfa Sanjida had a dream of brining solvency
to her family, though she was like other housewives of the society. For this
reason, she took needle and thread in her hand and started sewing works.

At the beginning, she used to make garment items for children and Punjabis
for men. She started her business with a meager amount of Taka 15,000 and now
she is a millionaire. Her success story has been included in the present
textbook of ninth-tenth classes.

Lutfa Sanjida hails from a conservative family of the port city of
Chattogram and from her childhood, she wished to occupy any kind of high
position after completion of her education.

All of her dreams were shattered as she got married before completion of
her education. But nothing could stop her as she started a new venture which
brought name and fame for her.

“When I started my business, I had only the capital of Taka 15,000. Later,
in 1989, one of my cousins came up with his helping hands. He gave me Taka
30,000 as loan with which I opened a showroom at Chakview market in the city
to sell my home-made garment items from where successes were pouring
gradually and steadily in my life,” she said.

With the growth of her business, she is now owner of Anandhya Butique
House at L Block and Anandhya Beauty Parlour at New I Block in Halishahar,
Chattogram. She has another showroom of Anandhya Butique House at Afmi Plaza
in the port city. With the span of 30 years struggle in life, Sanjida is now
a successful entrepreneur.

The struggle of Lutfa Sanjida has been included in the ‘Business
Initiative’ book of ninth-tenth classes of the National Curriculum and
Textbook Board. The students of commerce department read the success story
and struggling life of Lutfa Sanjida. The long vivid life of Lutfa Sanjida
has been depicted in the twelfth chapter of the book to inspire the students.

“I never thought that the students of ninth-tenth classes of commerce
department will read my success story and the countrymen will know about me.
Highlighting me in the textbook is a great achievement for women folk. It
would help students’ raise their mental strength and overcome hurdles towards
running a business after completion of education. The young learners will get
inspiration from it. Now, I feel complacent as I have done something very
successfully,” she said.

Sanjida is also guiding her family carefully side by side with running her
business skillfully. Her elder son Tanjil is doing business in the capital
city after completion of his higher study from a private university. Her
youngest son Tahmim finished his education from Shahjalal University of
Science and Technology in Sylhet.

As many as 30 people, most of them women, are working in her two boutique
houses and two parlors. “I feel proud for it as I could stand beside many
helpless young women,” Sanjida added.

She provided training on boutique and parlor to many physically challenged,
distressed women and widows as part of social responsibility. “I consider it
as my success, if someone can create self-employment after getting training
from my houses,” she said.

In the ninth-tenth classes of the textbook, commerce department students
read the stories of success initiators’ under the caption ‘Teachings from the
life of success entrepreneurs’. Lutfa Sanjida’s story has been delineated at
pages 136 and 137 in the book.

In the two pages, it was said that Lutfa Sanjida, the owner of Anandhya
Butique House and Anandhya Beauty Parlor at Halishahar in the port city of
Chattogram, had raised her name to the millionaire’s club after starting
business with only Taka 15,000. Step by step, she established boutique and
parlor houses. Struggle is the main weapon in her life. Without unremitting
endeavors, in no way, she could reach the current position. Whenever problem
arises, she faced it with calm and patient.

She got married when it was time to sit in SSC examination. After married,
she had to do part time job to meet her family needs. Later, she opened a
showroom at the Chakview market in 1989. As she was making brisk business, in
1995 she opened another showroom at Chattogram Shopping Complex taking Taka
50,000 loan from Midas, a leasing company. As her business got momentum with
the passage of time, her family became solvent.

She established a beauty parlor in 2004. Now she is a successful
entrepreneur. In the introduction of twelfth chapter, it was said that in the
past 40 years after independence of the country, a number of people became
successful entrepreneurs from their small businesses. Their enterprises have
been playing important role for the country’s socioeconomic development.
Lutfa Sanjida of Chattogram is one of the best entrepreneurs.