Launching of Bangabandhu Satellite greeted with emotion on facebook

¬†DHAKA, May 12, 2018 (BSS) – Soon after launching of the nation’s dream satellite in the early hours of today, emotions and aspirations of the people of all strata were reflected on social media as they described the initiative as huge strides for communication technology.

One of facebook users wrote “We can, we win space through successful launching of Bangabandhu-I Satellite.”

Many social media users could hardly hold their emotions as they were witnessing the process of launching Bangabandhu Satellite into the orbit hoping to see a prosperous and developed Bangladesh in the global map.

The nation’s dream satellite, Bangabandhu-I, is now on its way to orbit after its perfect and successful launching, making Bangladesh’s debut in the global space society.

The historic event took place at 2:14 am Bangladesh time on Saturday when the country’s first geostationary communication satellite started its voyage towards orbit from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, the USA.

Falcon 9, the finest rocket of American firm SpaceX, started carrying the satellite to the orbit from the Cape Canaveral launching pad at 4:14 pm US local time.

Thousands of people across the world witnessed the launching, which was telecasted by different television channels and was webcasted by the SpaceX.

While the satellite started its journey to the space, people of all ages across the country were awake and many of them started singing with joy and pride the national anthem – ‘Amaar Sonar Bangla, Ami Tomay Valobashi’.