Enhancing inbreed variety seeds production stressed


RAJSHAHI, May 13, 2018 (BSS)-Agriculturists at a participatory discussion
here on Saturday stressed the need for boosting the production of inbreed
seeds as the vital means of enriching the field of crop seeds.

They also called for an integrated effort to boost the seed production of
various crops at farmers’ level to meet the gradually mounting domestic seed

The observation came at the daylong seminar titled “Inbreed Trial
Assessment Programme Enhancement” in the conference hall of Additional
Director Office of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) in the city.

Regional Seed Certification Office organized the seminar for devising ways
and means of boosting inbreed seeds for the sake of increasing yields to
ensure food security.

Director of Seed Certification Agency Khairul Bashar addressed the meeting
as chief guest while additional directors of DAE Mustafizur Rahman and Matiar
Rahman spoke as special guests with Regional Seed Certification Officer
Sirajul Islam in the chair.

During his keynote presentation, Ahmed Safi, Assistant Regional Seed
Certification Officer, says close-coordination between all the departments
concerned is very important to enhance inbreed trial assessment.

Seeds should be reached the farmers after a proper and effective trial

In his recommendation, Agriculturist Safi said only the seed varieties
which are suitable for conservation to the farmers need to be expanded to
them so that they can be satisfied in producing and conserving those for
cultivation year after year without any loss of yield.

Agriculturist Khairul Bashar puts emphasis on optimum inbreed trial
assessment for quality control and said all the authorities concerned should
come forward and work together to this end.

He mentioned the seed varieties especially of cereal crops like paddy,
wheat and maize, which could be sustained in the field for long, only should
be permitted for releasing to the farmers.

“If we can ensure it the farmers could be freed from burden of purchasing
their necessary seeds every year,” he opined adding that farmers’ interest
must be given priority as they are the vital strength of making the country
self-reliant in seed production.