Girl with serious physical disabilities wins odds in life


DHAKA, May 11, 2018 (BSS) – Tamanna Akthar, a class ten student in Jhikargachha of Jessore, was born with serious physical disabilities. She doesn’t have any hand and the right leg since her birth. This hard reality in life pushes her towards many odds which she overcomes with tireless efforts.

Despite her physical disabilities, she started her studies like other normal children. She writes with her left leg and also draws good pictures.

She becomes first in her class by writing with the leg. Tamanna is moving forward beating her disabilities with extreme will power and tireless efforts.

Tamanna lives at Panisara village in Jhikargacha upazila of Jeshore district. She is the daughter of Rowshan Ali and Khadiza Parvin.

Ali is a small businessman and Parvin is a house wife. They have two daughters and a son. Tamanna is their elder daughter and she is a student of class ten in Bakra Jonab Ali Khan High School. Tamanna’s younger sister Mumtahina Rasmi is a student of class two while brother Muhibul Taj is three-year-old.

Tamanna Akther said, “I wish to become a good human being. I want to be a doctor to serve the people. My school teachers help me a lot.”

Tamanna’s mother Parvin said Tamanna was born on December 12 in 2003 with disabilities.

“After her birth, we were shocked. But we were determined to groom up her like other normal children so that she does not become a burden of society. We took a decision to give her education. We tried to make her use a pen with her leg. But it did not work. Then we wanted her to write with a pen using her mouth. It had also failed,” Parvin added.

She said, “We gave a pen at her leg again and went to a non-government school to admit her. But the school authority denied enrolling Tamanna for her disabilities. Later, we requested a female teacher to teach her for only two months.”

After two months, Tamanna took admission in Bakra Azmaine Adus School. Tamanna was able to write only after two months after her enrolment in the school. She passed Primary Education Certificate (PEC) successfully. She achieved GPA-5 and also got scholarship.

Azmaine Adus School Principal Farhan Afroze said Tamanna didn’t avail of private coaching from any teacher. But she became first in every class.

Khadiza Parvin said Tamanna was admitted in Bakra Jonab Ali Khan High School after passing PEC. She also achieved GPA-5 in Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination. Now she is reading in class ten in science group. Tamanna has extraordinary qualifications, Parvin said, adding, “But we have no ability to bear her expenses.”

Tamanna’s father Rowsan Ali said, “I can’t do my work properly for Tamanna as she needs extra care. Her mother is busy with household work and we have also two other children”.

“We take her to school in a wheelchair everyday… But she faces problems in class room,” he added.

School Headmaster Md Helal Uddin said Tamanna becomes first in every class. Her writing is clear. She also draws good pictures.