ICT sentences Mymensingh Al-Badr commander to death


DHAKA, May 10, 2018 (BSS) – The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1 today sentenced Mymensingh Al-Badr commander Reaz Uddin Fakir to death in a crimes against humanity case.

“He be hanged by the neck till he is dead, under section 20(2) of the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 1973,” said Justice Md. Shahinur Islam, chairman of the three-member panel of the ICT-1.

The tribunal passed the order as it found him guilty in all the four charges framed against him.

Of the four charges, he has been sentenced to death for his role in committing genocide and murder, which were mentioned in charges number three and four. Fakir has been sentenced to imprisonment till biological death for charge number one and five.

“However, as the convict Md. Reaz Uddin Fakir has been condemned to ‘sentences of death’, as above, the ‘sentences of imprisonment’ awarded in respect of charge no 01 and 05 will get merged into the sentences of death,” the verdict added.

The first tribunal on March 21 kept the verdict on CAV (curia advisori vult, a Latin legal term, meaning the court awaits verdict), as the arguments in the case against the lone accused concluded on that day.

The tribunal in December 11, 2016, framed five charges of crimes against humanity against Fakir, 67, and Md Waz Uddin, 70. But later, it was learned that Waz Uddin died five months before the passing of indictment order.

Of the five charges, one was particularly framed against Waz Uddin, whose name has been dropped naturally along with that charge.

A total of 19 prosecution witnesses have testified in the case.