Superstar Bad Bunny hitting pause on career to join Puerto Rico protests


NEW YORK, July 20, 2019 (BSS/AFP) – Puerto Rican trap superstar Bad Bunny
is taking a break from music in light of mass protests in his home demanding
the resignation of its governor over corruption accusations.

The 25-year-old considered the face of Latin trap — a booming genre that
fuses reggaeton with elements of hip hop from the US south — said in an
Instagram TV video late Thursday that after finishing four contractually
obligated shows in Europe he would return to Puerto Rico rather than record
his new album.

“I had planned on my agenda after finishing these last 4 shows, going back
to Miami to record my new album,” said the artist born Benito Martinez. “But
I’m going to cancel that. I’m going to cancel everything.”

“I’m going to put a pause on my career because I don’t have the heart or
the mind to make music.”

Thousands have been marching for days in the Caribbean US territory
demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello, following corruption
accusations and the leak of text chats in which he made sexist and homophobic

“I’m going to Puerto Rico,” Bad Bunny continued. “I’m not going to stay
silent. I’m not going to step aside, Puerto Rico isn’t going to step aside.”

To the chant of “Ricky, renuncia!” (“Ricky, resign!”) large crowds have
been gathering in the capital San Juan clamoring for Rossello to leave office
— which he is refusing to do.

Prior to his announcement, Bad Bunny did collaborate on a blistering new
protest song “Afilando Los Cuchillos” (“Sharpening The Knives”) with fellow
Puerto Ricans Residente, of the iconic band Calle 13, and singer iLe.

“We are sharp, like knives / Sparkling up to the edge / Weed must be
removed from the plantation / So that none of them take advantage of what is
mine,” iLe, the younger sister of Residente, sings in the chorus.

“Right now suddenly the government is completely exposed,” iLe told AFP via

“I’m ashamed, but at the same time I feel proud that there’s a lot of
people from different parts of the island expressing themselves with one same
goal: We want the governor to resign.”