Potential sectors need budgetary allocation in Rajshahi: experts


RAJSHAHI, April 28, 2018 (BSS)- Chamber leaders and academics viewed the existing potential sectors in Rajshahi and its adjacent areas need special budgetary allocation for the sake of overall development of the region.

“There is an enormous scope of taking this area forward through the best uses of the potentialities through budgetary allocation,” identically said Md Muniruzzaman, President of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Prospect of agro-processing enterprises is bright in the region as it produces surplus crops especially food-grains, fruits and vegetables. The region has an ample scope of establishing agro-processing enterprises as it produces varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The chamber leader focused on the agricultural potentials of the region with special emphasis on value added agro-processing opportunities and agro- based industries. He described ‘value addition to agricultural products and agro-processing’ as very much consistent with the government policy since due emphasis are being given on agro-processing at present.

It could add to the industrialization efforts of agro-based and agro- processing industry in the region for a sustainable and well-formed linkage of production, processing and marketing.

He said the Bangabandhu Multipurpose Jamuna Bridge contributes a lot to improving communication in the northern region, creating wider scopes for increased production of cereals, fruits, vegetables and livestock over the years.

“In fact, this has opened up many opportunities for agro-business in the region,” he added. Construction of duel gauge railway line from Rajshahi to Abdulpur junction has become a crucial need to promote the transport sector.

Prof ANK Noman of Department of Economics in Rajshahi University immediate implementation of the government’s decision of establishing special economic zone here can be the vital means of bolstering its economic condition.

He says economic zone is very much important for generating employment scopes besides attracting many investors towards establishing industries. Foreign investors will also be encouraged here side by side with the local ones if economic zones were set up.

Thereby good relations between the local and foreign investors will build up. Economic foundation of the region will be bolstered that will contribute a lot to enhance economic growth.

Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP, the general secretary of Workers Party of Bangladesh, called upon the government to flourish the industrial sector in Rajshahi aimed at infusing dynamism into its economic activities. “I urge the government to provide eight percent incentives to the entrepreneurs who are interested to set up industries here,” he said.

Badsha opined that if Rajshahi Airport was upgraded to international standard various agro-products could be exported to various foreign countries including the Middle East nations from here directly.

“Immediate step should be taken to full-fledged reopening of the Rajshahi Silk Factory for the sake of revitalizing the silk sector,” he said adding two major tourism-enriched cities- Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar are detached from Rajshahi in terms of direct rail and air communications. This odd situation must be removed.