1.26 lakh children to be fed Vitamin A plus capsules in Rangpur city


RANGPUR, June 19, 2019 (BSS) – Rangpur City Corporation (RpCC) has
completed all preparations to immunize 1.26-lakh children aged between six
months to 59 months with Vitamin A Plus capsules in the National Vitamin A
Plus Campaign (first round) on Saturday.

Mayor of Rangpur Mostafizar Rahman Mostafa today disclosed the information
at a press conference held at his conference room to make the National
Vitamin A Plus Campaign (first round) -2019 on June 22 successful in the

The campaign will be conducted under the auspices of the Public Health and
Nutrition Institute and National Nutrition Services under the Ministry of
Health and Family Planning with UNICEF assistances.

With Chief Executive Officer of RpCC Akhter Hossain Azad in the chair, its
Secretary Rashedul Islam, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kamruzzaman Ibne Taz and
Health Inspector Abdul Kaiyum attended the event.

Dr. Taz discussed importance of continuation of Vitamin A supplementation
for the under-five babies to prevent their mal-nutritional blindness,
especially night blindness, bitot’s spots and corneal lesions.

Mayor Mostafa said 634 volunteers under supervisions of 77 supervisors and
eight satellite monitoring teams will provide Vitamin A Plus Capsules at 295
outreach centres in all 33 wards of the city from 8 am to 4 pm on the day.

“Around 19,283 babies (6-11 months) and one lakh seven thousand and 46
babies (12-59 months) will be administered with one dose of one lakh unit
Vitamin A Plus Blue capsule and one dose of two lakh unit of Vitamin A Red
capsule each respectively,” he said.

Vitamin A Plus capsule has no side effect in general, parents should not
be afraid if their babies show vomiting tendency after taking capsules. In
case of vomiting tendency, guardians should contact with the health officials
concerned immediately.

“Special steps will be taken to feed Vitamin A capsules to the under-five
babies at bus stands, rail stations and other places to make the campaign a
complete success in the city,” he added.

Mostafa urged journalists for creating awareness to make the Vitamin A Plus
Campaign successful to increase disease resistant capacities of babies to
ensure their healthy growth.