Successful Rubina now working to create entrepreneurs


DHAKA, June 09, 2019 (BSS)- Rubina, a well-educated and behaved entrepreneur from Natore, became successful through animal husbandry, being engaged in fishery and agriculture. In just five and a half years of her engagement in animal husbandry, in fishery and in agriculture, she got many accolades while she is now working to expand the space for creating female entrepreneurs.

Rubaiya Rahman Rubina did not break down to her miseries and distresses after losing her father and subsequently the break up with her husband. Rubina, hailed from Chandpur village under Natore Sadar upazila, took responsibility of her family having a mother and little brothers and sisters. She initially started a poultry farm with some 500 buddy chickens at her house yard after taking loan from a lending organization and with the amount through tailoring works. But, that small business eventually turned into a losing concern as she had to incur loss.

But, Rubina was not such a girl who would concede defeat as she always thought that profit would come after losses. Rubina with a fresh zeal started again the operations of a poultry farm and initiated the operations of duck farm side by side started fish farming in their own pond adjacent to their home.

Despite having some neurological problem, Rubina was full of enthusiasm as she then started to grow fruits on six gardens after taking those on lease. She grew fruits like mango, lemon, guava, banana, boroi, papaya and chili. Besides, she also grew some unconventional variety of mangoes like Adoroniyo Gouramati and Banana Mango. Horticulture Center in Natore also set up some 120 dragon fruit exhibition farms in Rubina’s gardens and fruits are likely in these gardens in the current year. Apart from the dragon fruit, Rubina also cultivates seasonal vegetables in her gardens.

With the utmost utilization of all the materials and components, Rubina has proved that nothing is unnecessary as she had produced best quality fertilizer and ring compost with chicken poop which has a market value of Taka 3,000 every month side by side she is producing fertilizer and vermin compost. Apart from these, Rubina is also raring a group of pigeons which has a good market value.

In her struggle of life, she got support from her younger brother Rubel and from her younger sister Rimi, who is studying at the final year at Honours Course. Besides, some 15 workers work in her gardens and poultry farm on average every day.

The dairy farm of Rubina will also start its operations while she is interested to set up a milk purchasing center of Milk Vita and Pran in her area with the overall dairy milk production of that area.

The Youth Women Development Society, registered with the Department of Women Affairs, is going to start its sewing operations after making Rubina as its President. Besides, the Social Welfare Department as well as the Department of Fisheries and Livestock also expressed their interest to work with Rubina.

The Natore Horticulture Center under its “Nutrition enrichment project through producing fruits round the year” also nominated Rubina as community horticulture provider.

Besides, she is also working for creating entrepreneurs in agriculture with Taka 3,000 honorarium per month. Rubina has already made arrangements for providing training to some 800 people in the area side by side groomed successful female entrepreneurs like Hena Begum and Shakila.

Out of her social responsibility, Rubina has planted palm trees on two kilometer roadside areas of Natore-Rajshahi highway and rural roads and now she is planning to plant coconut saplings this time. The Department of Women Affairs in Natore has awarded Rubina with “Joyeeta medal” while the Unilever has awarded her with Taka two lakh prize money under its “Tomar Swapno Koro Sathi” category.

Rubina got her highest accolade from President Abdul Hamid receiving the ‘Women in agriculture development’ medal in 2018 at a programme held in the capital’s Krishibid Institution.

Rubina said, “I enjoy walking on my own path. My endeavor would only then be successful when I will be able to transform the lagging behind females in the society as successful entrepreneurs. I want to create ‘green revolution’ in my area through agriculture and ‘white revolution’ in my area through dairy,”

Deputy Director of Natore Horticulture Center SM Meftaul Bari said Rubina has been playing a responsible role after being nominated as a community horticulture provider while she has already got success in creating new entrepreneurs, especially creating female entrepreneurs.