Huge rush in Rangpur markets ahead ‘Pahela Baishakh’


RANGPUR, April 09, 2018 (BSS) – The city markets are witnessing huge sales with rushing people of all ages, especially women, ahead of welcoming the ‘Pahela Baishakh,’ the first day of Bangla New Year-1425.

The salespersons and shop owners are seen busy with sales of ‘Baishakhi’ clothes and other items at different markets as only four days are left before celebrations of the traditional festivity.

Talking to BSS, the traders and shop owners said hundreds of young girls, adolescents, students, housewives and men are thronging the markets and shopping malls daily to purchase ‘Baisahkhi’ goods of their own choice.

The rushing people are mostly purchasing ‘Baishakhi’ clothes, red-bordered white ‘saree’, glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’, bands, shoes and other items to beautify them for making ‘Pahela Baishakh’ celebrations memorable.

School students Anamika and Basonti Rani and college students Morium and Bulbuli at ‘Churi Patti’ of Nababganj Bazaar said they were purchasing mostly red-coloured glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’ and hair bands.

Students of Begum Rokeya University Sumita and Sonali said they purchased red-bordered white and yellow saree, red-coloured glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’ and flower bands to wear on ‘Pahela Baishakh.’

Housewife Putul Barman at Super Market said wearing of ‘Baishakhi saree, ‘punthi necklace’ and flower bands at hair bun, eating ‘Pantha Bhat’ with ‘Pat Sak’, ‘Shutki’ and spicy ‘Bhorta’ adds extra pleasure in enjoying ‘Baishakhi’ celebrations.

“We have already purchased many Baishakhi items, including clothes, for my only daughter Ruponti, my sister Asrukona and my husband Rameswar Barman,” said Putul, a resident of Keranipara area in the city.

Bangle Trader Rahman at Nababganj Bazaar said, “I am happy to sell huge glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’ and many other Baishakhi items to the thronging women and men daily as the sales are increasing everyday.”

Salesman Litan at ‘Khokan Store’ there said he was selling each dozen of red-coloured ‘Reshmi bangles’ at Taka 80, ‘,metal bangles’ at Taka 130, ‘Mou bangles’ at Taka 200 and red-coloured metal bangles at Taka 250 on an average.

Ornament sets with soil-works are being sold at Taka 100 per set, 3-layer red-white mixed coloured bangles at Taka 200 per dozen, back stone bangles at Taka 350 and smaller red-coloured ‘punthi’ necklace at Taka 250 in the

“Besides, two-step red coloured ‘punthi’ necklace is being sold at Taka 350, red rose band at Taka 130 and antique set band at Taka 1,500 and above,” Litan added.

Trader Mohsin Ali said the young girls, adolescents and housewives are also purchasing bracelets, ‘Dul’ of ear, ‘Jorry’ in addition to the other Baishakhi items to decorate them delightfully on the ‘Pahela Baishakh.’

President of Rangpur Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rezaul Islam Milon predicted record sale of ‘Baishakhi’ items this time despite higher prices following increase in incomes of all people.

“The markets, shopping malls and other business places of the city have worn festive looks with rushing women, girls, students and adolescents for buying various ‘Baishakhi’ items of own choice every day,” Milon said.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Rabiul Islam said the district administration and law enforcement agencies have taken sufficient security measures to complete ‘Pahela Baishakh’ celebrations peacefully on Saturday next before the sunset.

Different government, non-government, socio-cultural, professional and business organisations and educational institutions will welcome ‘Pahela Baishakh’ with traditional festivities, fanfare and cultural heritage.