Move to excavate, re-excavate major canals in Capital


DHAKA, Apr 2, 2018 (BSS) – The government has initiated a big move to excavate and re-excavate the major canals in the Capital in a bid to address the water logging in the capital.

The Dhaka WASA under the Local Government Division will implement a project to this end titled ‘Land acquisition, excavation and re-excavation of Hazaribagh, Baishteki, Kurmitola, Manda and Begunbari canal’ at an estimated cost of Taka 607.16 crore.

“The Planning Commission has already considered the project and it is awaiting ECNEC approval,” a senior official at the Planning Commission told BSS.

The project will be implemented at five city canals by December 2019 while the entire project cost will be borne from the state coffer.

The senior Planning Commission official said the main objectives of the project is to address the traffic jam and water logging of the Capital through keeping the usual flow of water in the canals during the rainy season and thus ensuring a healthy and environment-friendly living environment for the city dwellers.

Talking to the national news agency, another official at the Dhaka WASA said the drainage system of the capital is consists of 151-kilometer long 51 canals, 10-kilometer long box culverts, and through thousands of kilometer long pipelines operated by various agencies.

The main operations of the project include some 30.562 acres of land acquisition including 4.355 acres land acquisition at Hazaribagh canal, 6.385 acres of land acquisition at Baishteki and Journalist colony canal, 4.613 acres of land acquisition at Kurmitola canal, 1.905 acres of land acquisition at Begunbari canal, 13.304 acres of land acquisition at Manda canal, compensation to the establishments, construction of 0.15 kilometer road crossing culverts, 13.50 kilometer canal excavation, and erection of some 2200 pillars.

The Dhaka WASA official said prior to the formation of the project, Bangladesh Air Force has requested the Dhaka WASA to address the water logging at Kurmitola area, Hazrat Shajalal International Airport and adjacent areas.

Under the present circumstances, the project has been drafted to conduct excavation and re-excavation works at five canals –Hazaribagh canal, Baishteki canal, Kurmitola, Manda canal and Begunbari canal.

The Pre Evaluation Committee (PEC) meeting on the project has already been held in November last year where the Planning Commission recommends for implementing the project.