Expert for maximum caution while drinking water to check Hepatitis-E


DHAKA, May 10, 2019 (BSS) – Hepatology experts underscored the need for maximum caution while drinking water to avoid outbreak of jaundice caused by the contamination of Hepatitis-E virus.

According to a research carried out by a team, led by Hepatology Society President Professor Mobin Khan, outbreak of jaundice is a common phenomenon from May to September each year in Bangladesh.

“A good number of outbreaks of Hepatitis E virus was seen last year in Chattogram, causing a couple of deaths as well,” Professor Khan told BSS.

He further said, water pollution hit its peak in at this time in the urban
areas and people too tend to drink unsafe water and lemonades and different
types of juices because of the intense heat.

“Hepatitis E is the main reason behind Jaundice in our country and it’s a
waterborne virus. Water lines get polluted from the sewerage lines in the
urban areas during the rainy season,” Professor Khan added.

“The disease is common in resource-limited countries with limited access
to essential water, sanitation, hygiene and health services. In these areas,
the disease occurs both as outbreaks and as sporadic cases,” BIRDEM Hospital
associate professor Dr Gholam Azam said.

The outbreaks usually follow periods of faecal contamination of drinking
water supplies and may affect several hundred to several thousand persons, he

The experts gave city dwellers six advices to remain safe, those are-
boiling water for 30 minutes, avoiding having stale foods, avoiding having
foods or drinks made under open sky, washing hands before having food and
coming out of toilet, cleaning water tank of the house after every four
months and consulting doctor if eyes become yellow.