Bangabandhu devoted entire life for people’s emancipation


DHAKA, March 16, 2018 (BSS) – Undisputed leader of the Bangalee nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, had devoted his entire life for the emancipation of deprived and exploited people of society.

The great man used to believe that he was born to struggle for the betterment of people.

Bangabandhu, the architect of independent Bangladesh, did not celebrate any special occasion of his life as he never arranged any programme like lighting candles or cutting of cake on his birthday.

Bangabandhu 52nd birthday was on March 17 in 1971, the year that saw the nine-month long bloodstained Liberation War of the country against the Pakistani occupational forces.

When a cross section of people went to greet him on the occasion of his birthday, he told them that birthday did not carry any special meaning for citizens of Bangladesh.

But, special prayers were offered at Baitul Mukarram mosque seeking long life of Bangabandhu. National dailies including Purbodesh, Ittefaq and Azad had published reports on March 18 in 1971 on such simple way of observance of Bangabandhu’s birthday.

Two books “Dinponji Ekattor” of Mahmud Hasan and “Bangladesh Muktijuddher Itihas” of Dr Mohammad Hannan also have such stories of Bangabandhu’s birthday.

According to “Dinponji Ekattor”, on March 17, people of all strata thronged Bangabandhu’s residence on road number-32 to greet their loving leader. March 17 was also the 16th day of non-cooperation movement waged under the directives of Bangabandhu.

He held second phase meeting with President Yahya Khan at 10am on that day. Amid tight military surveillance, the one-hour closed-door meeting was held at Presidential Palace at Ramna. None was present in the meeting except Bangabandhu and Yahya.

When Bangabandhu was emerging from the meeting, native and foreign journalists surrounded Bangabandhu to know the outcome of the meeting. After making a short briefing, Bangabandhu returned to his residence.

After reaching home, in request of local and foreign journalists, Bangabandhu held an informal meeting. In the meeting, a foreign journalist questioned Bangabandhu what will be his top wish on his 52nd birthday.

In reply, Bangabandhu said he wanted complete emancipation of the country’s people.

Responding to another query, the great leader said “I do not observe my birthday. I never light candle or cut cake on my birthday.” Bangabandhu said he was an ordinary person like others.

Writer and journalist Abul Momen said Bangabandhu was truly a leader of common people who dedicated his life for this land and its people. That is why, he never observed any special personal occasion. Bangabandhu’s remarks on his 52nd birthday reflected the dreams and aspirations of the freedom loving common people, he added.