Quadruple cropping pattern boosts production: Experts


RANGPUR, March 02, 2018 (BSS) – Agriculture experts at a farmers’ field day
have underscored the need for popularising the quadruple cropping pattern
among the farmers to produce four crops on the same land annually, increasing
crop production.

They laid special emphasis on production, preservation and utilisation of
quality seeds, seedlings and saplings of the traditional as well as BARI-
evolved high-priced vegetables, oilseeds, spicy and minor grain crops, fruits
and flower plants using latest technologies to increase production and earn
maximum profits.

They expressed the views at the event jointly organised by the Tuber Crops
Research Centre of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) and its
Regional Agriculture Research Station in Burirhat area here on Thursday
afternoon, a press release said today.

Thirty male and female farmers of Gangachara upazila of Rangpur
participated in the event to observe the exhibition plots and research
findings, productivity and production technologies and properties of various
crop seeds and quadruple crop farming pattern.

The event was arranged to demonstrate the latest technologies for farming,
harvesting, preserving and using of quality seeds, seedlings and saplings of
vegetables like tomatoes, cauliflower, barley, broccoli, French beans, beans,
lettuce, pumpkin, capsicum, brinjal, BT brinjal, spinach, oil crops like
mustard, almond and soybean; spices like onions, garlic, ginger, fennel,
black pepper, ‘Firingi’, fenugreek, ‘radhuni’, ‘jaun’ and ‘shaluk; hybrid
variety corns, ‘khoi bhutta’ and baby corn; minor grain crops like ‘kaun’,
china, barley and ‘sarogam’ and different varieties of fruit and flowers to
the farmers.

Chief Scientific Officer of Regional Agriculture Research Station of BARI
at Burirhat Md Rais Uddin Chowdhury attended the event as the chief guest.

Principal Scientific Officer of BARI at its Regional Agriculture Research
Station Dr Ashish Kumar Saha discussed about the quadruple cropping pattern
and technologies for production, preservation and utilisation of quality
seeds, seedlings and saplings.

Senior Scientific Officers of BARI at its Regional Agriculture Research
Station Dr Md Jamir Uddin, Dr Md Obaidul Haque and Dr Sarker Mohammad Abu
Hena Mostafa Kamal, other scientists and their assistants were present.

The chief guest urged the farmers to attain self-sufficiency in production
of quality seeds and saplings of the high-priced crops and flowers evolved by
BARI using latest technologies and adopt the quadruple cropping pattern to
ensure maximum use of land and enhance crop production.