Tale of a fighting woman


DHAKA, Feb 24, 2019 (BSS)-A proverb goes ‘Life is not a bed of roses’. Everyone has to struggle to attain successes in life. But stories of successful persons are not the same. Each story is unique. The story of Arzina Akter is also unique, she has become self-reliant braving severe burn injuries she suffered several years back.

Arzina Akter, who sustained burn injuries several years ago, is well-known to the residents of Mirpur-11 for her outstanding work with physical problem.

The woman, aged 42, is a retail clothes trader. She used to sell various types of clothes on a van in two places. In the morning, she sells clothes in front of Mirpur Bangla School and in the afternoon, she sells the products in front of Swarno Potti (Market of Jewelers) of Mirpur-11.

Arzina said her husband and she had come to Dhaka from Madaripur Sadar Upazila in 1998. Her husband Kutub Mia started clothes business as hawker. Later, he bought a van and set a clothes shop on it. His business was good initially but with the passage of time, his business witnessed a downturn trend and they started facing hardship. They both decided to work to increase their income.

A few months later, Kutub bought a van for Arzina who turned the van into a mobile clothes shop. She started to sell clothes in Mirpur area. But unfortunately, Arzina received burn injuries in a gas-cylinder blast when she went to bring clothes from a wholesale shop at Journalists’ Residential Area of Mirpur. Her face, two hands and some parts of the body were burnt seriously at that time.

After this horrific accident, Arzina’s family faced hard time to maintain the family expenses and her treatment costs. Arzina had no option but to continue the business despite her physical obstacles. Her husband Kutub Mia also encouraged her to continue the business.

At present the self confident woman earns Tk 300-500 daily from her street clothes shop. Her husband’s income has also been increased at the same time. Now, they are financially solvent family. And all of these things have been possible because of the self determination of Arzina to earn money by doing business.

Arzina said she has two daughters and a son. Her elder son studies at class nine, elder daughter studies at class four and younger one is only 15 months old.

Arzina said she has now nothing to get in life. After the horrific accident, she has stood on her own feet by struggle. Now she has become self-sufficient. But sometimes, she just only regret about her burn skin. “If my body skin could have fresh like other people” She lamented.

Her husband Kutub Mia said he is very much happy over his wife. “I think she is a hardworking woman. My wife always fights for my family. We are now a well-off family. I am proud of her,” Kutub Mia added.