BRRI develops one hybrid, 12 high yielding rice varieties for food security


DHAKA, Feb 2, 2019 (BSS)-Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) has developed a total of 12 new high yielding rice varieties and one hybrid variety in the past two years aiming at ensuring food security for ever-increasing population of the country.

“New high yielding rice varieties includes BRRI dhan 84, BRRI dhan 85, BRRI dhan 86, BRRI dhan 88, BRRI dhan 89 and hybrid dhan 6,” BRRI Director General Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir told BSS today.

“Of the 12 new high yielding rice varieties, four are transplanted aman, three are transplanted aush and five varieties are suitable for cultivation in boro season,” he said, adding “These new varieties have 7 to 8 tons of yield advantage per hectare.”

Kabir said that BRRI rice, being cultivated at the 80 pc lands; meet the demand of 91 pc of the country’s total rice production.

Referring to the contribution of BRRI researchers for the innovation in rice, he said “We have already formulated ‘Rice Vision 2050’.”

Kabir also hoped that these varieties would be popular by accelerating the overall rice production of the country at the farmer’s level.